Jalapeno peppers are medium-sized chili peppers that are usually picked early and eaten when green, though may also be found further ripened and red. The flesh of the pepper doesn't contain the heat; rather, the seeds do. The flesh has a subtle flavor similar to that of green bell peppers. Mainly, the heat comes from the high concentration of capsaicin, a compound in the membranes around the seeds. Most kinds of vegetables contain a lot of nutrients. Jalapenos contain a few nutrients but they are especially rich in the nutrients which your body needs. Because of this, the unassuming chili pepper has a lot of health benefits.

Contains minerals and antioxidants

Despite its small size, jalapenos provide a lot of potassium. An average jalapeno contains about 150 mg of potassium which is 7% of the amount you need each day. Jalapenos also contain magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, iron, manganese, and copper. All these minerals support the health of red blood cells, the function of the nervous system, and the development of strong bones. Jalapenos also contain vitamin E and a lot of antioxidants. These compounds can eliminate the free radicals which have accumulated in the body. They can also help prevent the development of different types of disease. The fresh peppers are more anti-oxidant rich than the jarred or canned varieties. So if you have the choice, go for the fresh jalapenos.



Contains a lot of vitamin C

Jalapenos contain a lot of vitamin C just like many other vegetables. One cup of sliced jalapenos has more than 100 mg of vitamin C. This amount is more than enough to meet your daily requirements. Vitamin C is also a type of antioxidant. This means that it plays a vital role in preventing the damage of cells caused by free radicals and other environmental toxins. Vitamin C also supports metabolism and the health of the bones, gums, and teeth. It even plays a role in the functions of the brain.



Helps relieve a number of conditions

Jalapenos contain capsaicin. This compound has anti-inflammatory properties. This makes it very effective in reducing swelling and the pain that comes with it. If you have arthritis or other similar conditions, try adding this pepper to your diet. It can also provide relief from the pain caused by migraines. This is because the component capsaicin inhibits the neuropeptide which functions as a pain transmitter. Jalapenos can also relieve other conditions. The heat from the pepper can relieve nasal congestion. They can prevent the occurrence of ulcers by eliminating bad bacteria in the intestines and the stomach. They can also prevent high blood pressure because of the flavonoids, vitamin C, and vitamin A components.



Rich in vitamin A

Another vitamin that jalapenos contain a lot of is vitamin A. This component plays a huge role in the immune systems and functions. This means that getting an adequate amount of this vitamin helps the body to fight off pathogens and germs more effectively. Vitamin A is also important in the visual system. It's especially important to improve one's night vision. It also facilitates the growth of new cells. A cup of sliced jalapeno contains about a third of the recommended amount of vitamin A each day. So adding this spicy pepper to your dishes will surely benefit you a lot.



Promotes healthy fluid loss

Fluid buildup in the body can have a lot of negative effects. But mainly, it's bad for the heart. Usually, when fluid builds up, it does so around the heart. This puts a strain on the vital organ which potentially causes damage to it. One common symptom of fluid buildup is a swelling of the ankles. Also, one may experience breathing difficulties as the fluid puts pressure on the lungs. When you eat jalapenos, it will cause you to start sweating. This is a healthy way to get rid of fluids which the peppers promote. So if you can stand the heat, try adding some jalapenos in your meals.



Contains capsaicin

When you bite into the jalapeno, you'll feel the heat. The component which provides the heat is the capsaicin. This is also the component which provides a lot of its benefits. Capsaicin has natural pain-relieving characteristics. Also, some studies have shown that the component may also make meals more filling. This means that adding jalapenos to your food can make them healthier. Some research also suggests that capsaicin also has some cancer-fighting characteristics. But more studies are necessary to prove the effectiveness of the component in fighting or preventing cancer.



Promotes heart health

A number of studies done on jalapenos have shown that those who eat the pepper more frequently have a lesser risk of getting heart attacks. This is because the peppers can prevent the accumulation of fibrin in the body. This is a major compound which causes the formation of blood clots. Without the accumulation of fibrin, the person won't be as vulnerable to strokes, heart attacks, and other heart-related concerns.



Helps to lose weight

We've already mentioned that jalapenos contain capsaicin. This is the component which makes the pepper hot and beneficial, health-wise. But this component has another great benefit. It can help promote weight loss too. That's why capsaicin is typically found in a lot of weight-loss supplements and pills. The component burns fat and calories away. The hot sensation you get from consuming jalapenos is also the one which burns away your pounds. Capsaicin can also give the metabolism a slight boost. This also helps in weight loss. According to studies, capsaicin raises the core temperature of the body which then results in a higher metabolic rate. It's important to note, though, that the metabolism-boosting benefit is fairly mild. But the flavor of the pepper may contribute to the decrease in your appetite especially if you're not really fond of spicy foods.



May enhance the nervous system

Jalapenos also have benefits to the brain and the nervous system. They can provide the brain with the essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. In fact, some of the vitamins such as folic acid play a huge role in regulating distinct amino acids required by the nervous system. Studies have shown that a deficiency in dietary foliate can increase the levels of homocysteine in the body. This can be a risky precursor to different neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease.



They're beneficial for pregnant women

This may come as a surprise to a lot of people, but pregnant women can also benefit from eating jalapenos. These peppers are a great source of folic acid. This nutrient helps in the formation of red blood cells as well as neural tubes in prenatal babies. When the pregnant woman doesn't have enough folic acid, she might give birth to an underweight infant. This may also cause neural tube defects in babies.



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