While the pumpkin originated in the Americas, many of those living in the United States still don't understand the treasure trove of study-proven, health benefits of its oils. The pumpkin offers health benefits from head to toe both internally and externally.  While doctors and studies support the health benefits of many oils, the pumpkin seeds' oil is nearly peerless in both its results and relative anonymity as a supplement for both sexes.  This starting all-star team includes a wealth of beneficial omega fats, vitamins and minerals including vitamin A and E along with zinc. And it's backed by a powerful bench of antioxidants and tryptophan. This genuinely terrifies many ailments who thought your body was their court.


1. Combats Hair Loss In Men

You could argue that this isn't a health benefit, but for many men it is. The anxiety, sadness, and loss of younger days take a toll on your overall mental state.  Hormone management is responsible for both stopping and even reversing hair loss. The reversal of hair loss requires an increase in the androgen hormone dihydrotestosterone, which pumpkin seed oil brings to the scalp. The high zinc content in the oil can put the brakes on present hair loss. A 2014 placebo-controlled trial showed that men taking pumpkin seed oil for 24 weeks saw an increase of nearly 40% on average in hair count.


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