Nowadays, more and more people are trying to make the shift to healthy eating. This is a good trend that should very much continue to gain ground. Within the process itself, we tend to focus on big meals that you can eat in the comfort of our own home. That way, we feel that we are completely in control of the situation. But, there arises a problem. You simply can’t plan your whole life around nutrition. Unexpected meetings, travel, and other plans may arise. This may disrupt your schedule and leave you floundering. When it comes to preparing for unplanned situations, there is a helpful aid – nutrition bars. These small snacks can pack a lot of power and nutrients, allowing you to have a wholesome bite on the run. Of course, the choice is widening every day. That gives us the ability to choose what we like, while also having some downsides. There are good, and there are bad nutrition bars.  

Health Warrior Dark Chocolate Coconut Sea Salt Protein Bar

When it comes to nutrition bars, it’s crucial to have a good protein basis. In this bar, in particular, you get it from an unorthodox source – chia seeds. Even though its sweet, the 10 grams of protein and the 5 grams of fiber offset the carbohydrates. We’ve chosen it to be a part of our top five because of the crunchy taste. It will somehow stay fresh and edible no matter how long you keep it. Also, it’s completely devoid of soy, dairy, whey, and gluten. A nutrition bar tailor-made for vegans!

healthiest nutrition bars


Quest Coconut Cashew

The moment you notice this nutrition bar, you can see right away that it is a true powerhouse in every sense of the word. What comes to mind first is the incredible fiber to protein ration. 17 grams of fiber and 20 grams of protein is a stellar result. Almonds, coconut and a pinch of salt – that's all the added ingredients. They comprise 170 calories of pure goodness. They’re not organic though. What makes this bar so good is the added whey protein isolate. The ultimate choice for athletes, for sure!



Oatmega Chocolate Coconut Crisp

When talking about good nutrition bars, sometimes low sugar is a must. Many companies focus on offsetting the carbohydrates with extra protein. Oatmega has done a great job introducing a low-carb nutrition bar to us. Furthermore, the protein content is very good for such a small bar. Fourteen grams is more than enough for your post workout needs. What you will like the most is the added omega-3 through infused fish oil. A true health powerhouse!

best nutrition bars


Bonk Breaker Peanut Butter and Jelly Protein

Peanut butter and jelly are the dynamic duos that give energy before workouts. When you put them in a good nutrition bar, you get the same results – or even better! While testing this particular nutrition bar, we’ve concluded that it’s best for a pre-workout meal. You can also use it an energy source after cycling. It had a good source of complex carbs, alongside some mean 15 grams of pure protein.

protein nutrition bars


Epic Bison Bacon Cranberry

When a nutrition bar manufacturer decided to put a bison as their mascot, they’re unorthodox. If you, by any chance, love beef jerky, you’re going to adore this nutrition bar with all your heart. Combination of bacon and cranberries are like a horror movie. But trust us – it tastes like a piece of paradise. Eleven grams of protein comes alongside a formidable sodium bomb. It’s excellent for recharging lost electrolytes after a workout. A warm recommend to anyone who loves salty treats but in a healthy form.

 protein nutrition bars


The five nutrition bars to avoid

Whether it’s plain bad marketing or high sugar content, these nutrition bars will bring you trouble. If you want to avoid gaining extra pounds or shocking your taste buds, then you should avoid these.

1. ZonePerfect Chocolate Peanut Butter

Too much sugar in this chocolate bar is bad enough, but on top of that, there is double corn syrup too. Be careful when you’re reading labels and take them as a caution. Always search for natural ingredients and organic ones as well. When you see pressed soy in a nutrition bar, you know that they didn’t work in choosing organic ingredients. Instead, they went for the cheap ones. Besides, many vitamins in this bar are useless. The company wrote them as an excuse to put other unhealthy additives in the bar.

bad nutrition bars


Luna Bar Lemon Zest

Fiber, vitamins, and protein are looked for in a good nutrition bar. So, this is not that kind of a bar. The one thing that it has, in much larger amount than all these three combined, is sugar. This "women's bar" contains processed soy and very processed soy rice crisps. Yes, it’s a soy protein, but not the kind that you want to find in a bar. To put it in other words, it’s GMO soy-soaked in pesticides. Although it has ‘organic and natural flavor,' don’t get too trusty on this one. It is a cover for a plethora of additive which can damage your body and health.

luna bars nutrition bars


ThinkThin High Protein Bar Chunky Peanut Butter

When we look at the label, proteins are something that needs to be abundant, right? Twenty grams is a hefty amount for a nutrition bar. But, does it come from a good source? In this case, not at all. This is so because of the presence of caseinate. Nevertheless, don’t trust the 0g of sugar. Aside from that, sugar alcohol added to this bar can damage your gut and cause diarrhea and gasses.

unhealthy nutrition bars


Balance Bar Cookie Dough

When you’re trying to add vitamins and minerals to your diet, try not to add many low-quality ingredients with it. This GMO soy bar is another fructose-laden bar. It includes an excessive amount of sugar and unhealthy oils. Don’t get all caught up in the number 23 that is placed by the words minerals and vitamins. Instead, read more and be aware of what you put in your body.

nutrition bar


PowerBar ProteinPlus Chocolate Brownie

The deliciousness of the chocolate brownie flavor is tempting, but is it worthy of 27 grams of sugar in it? It's loaded with all kinds of syrups; this chocolate “protein” bar is bad news. It won’t help you with your workout, on the opposite. The processed soy within it may create certain digestive problems. Avoid doing such things when it comes to any type of food, not nutrition bars.

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