Sometimes hailed as red kraut or purple cabbage, nutrient-rich red cabbage is good for you no matter what you choose to call it. Red cabbage may appear more red or purple in hue owing to the pH level of the soil it’s grown in. Interestingly, when cooked, this cabbage will turn blue. In spite of its color-wonderful nature, it is more than just a pretty plant. This cabbage, which stores much easier and longer than its white counterparts, is associated with many spectacular health benefits. Eating red cabbage as part of your weekly diet will benefit your health in the following ways.


1. Improve Digestion

One of the most important reasons to add more red cabbage to your diet is because it has the power to improve your digestion and prevent constipation. You might have imagined that your mother added tons of attractive red cabbage to dinner salads, but she might have known about this vegetable’s age-old ability to keep you regular. Red cabbage is loaded with dietary fiber. This fiber is essential for maintaining your digestive tract functioning in optimum condition. You can add red cabbage to your salads or enjoy a cup of coleslaw to enjoy its digestive health benefits.

Improve Digestion

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