While a bit more difficult to find than English walnuts (the type your grocery store likely carries), black walnuts are well worth tracking down to enjoy. Unlike English walnuts which are extensively cultivated in California as well as other parts of the world, black walnuts are not wildly cultivated, which is why they are less easy to find. Even so, black walnuts offer similar health benefits as their English cousins. Additionally, they actually contain more arginine and selenium, which are great for your health. If you’re looking for a fiber-rich snack that packs a wallop of nutrients in each bite, enjoy black walnuts and learn all the many ways that can enhance your well-being.


1. Ward off Candida

Candida, frequently referred to as yeast, occurs in mouths and digestive tracts to help with digestion. When it grows out of hand, often because of our diets, it can cause many unwanted symptoms like fungal infections (i.e., athlete’s foot), skin problems, mood swings, and even depression. By keeping candida in check, you can ensure that it does not cause these problems. Black walnuts have been shown to be effective for limiting candida growth. Probiotics also help fight candida so if you’re looking for a way to battle yeast through diet, consider grating some black walnut into your Greek yogurt each day for a couple of weeks and gauge the effects.


Ward off Candida

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