There is a good chance you have never heard of this exotic fruit. Monk fruit is usually only available from specialist natural food dealers. There is not much chance of seeing it on the shelf at the local fruit and vegetable shop. Its name links it to the Buddhist monks of East Asia where the fruit naturally grows. The locals value it as a sweetener and for various medical properties. Longevity Fruit is one of its' alternative names and this indicates one of the benefits it is supposed to deliver. Although fruit usually grows on a tree this particular variety grows on a vine of the gourd plant family.

Increase Energy Levels

Lack of energy and fatigue is a common ailment today. Sedentary lifestyles and diets too full of junk food negatively affect energy in many instances, although in some cases the fatigue is a symptom of a more serious condition. Fans of monk fruit draw attention to how it contains nutrients that refresh exhausted bodies. The fruit's antioxidant qualities also boost the body's resistance to disease, and this helps to strengthen and reenergize fatigue suffering.

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Replace Processed Sugar

The risks of excessive sugar intake in our diet are now widely publicized. While diabetics obviously need to take special care, many people fall into a borderline category where poor dietary choices could push them over the edge. At the same time, they have become so used to sugar additives that it can be hard to cut them out entirely. Artificial sweeteners are one answer but the monk fruit natural sweetener option has much to recommend it. The fruit is very sweet but its sweetness comes without the unpleasant inflammatory side effects of sugar.

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Increase Infection Resistance

Research suggests that consumers of monk fruit enjoy additional protection against bacterial infections. It contains antimicrobial organisms that fight off harmful bacteria. Dental health is one of the areas where this benefit is particularly noticeable.

Every dentist warns their patients about the damage that eating too many products containing sugar can do to the teeth. In contrast, eating monk fruit helps dental hygiene since it can stop the oral bacteria that cause infection and tooth decay.

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Improve Heart Health

Monk fruit can be a valuable ally in the fight against harmful cholesterol and associated illnesses. High concentrations of triglycerides and LDL (bad) cholesterol lead to cardiovascular problems and diabetes unless they are effectively treated. Cholesterol blocks up arteries and this is one of the best-known causes of strokes and heart attacks. Substances found in monk fruit stop the cholesterol oxidizing and significantly lower the risks of developing such serious health problems.

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Help Reduce Diabetes Risk

Besides helping reduce the risk of borderline diabetics crossing to the "wrong side" of this line, monk fruit has the advantage of being a diabetes-friendly product. Diabetics are unable to regulate their glucose and insulin levels. They must exercise extreme care over what they eat and drink for this reason. It is a challenge to make satisfying but healthy meal plans. Monk fruit's natural sweetener properties cater for diabetics with a sweet tongue. It allows them to get pleasure from their meals without the concerns regular sugar brings them.

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Contribute to Longevity

In China and other East Asian lands where monk fruit is popular, claims that it improves longevity is an integral element in its appeal. Westerners might be skeptical about these traditional beliefs but scientific analysis shows that this fruit is rich in antioxidants. These compounds enhance the body's ability to fight off the free radical compounds that attack body tissue. Natural medicine experts think that monk fruit should be of special benefit reducing the risks of lung diseases.

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Boost Resistance to Allergens

Even if allergies do not place sufferers in any serious danger, they invariably cause much annoyance and unpleasantness. Everyone wants to be free of the coughs and sneezes that typically seize them during an allergic reaction. The juice extracted from the monk fruit helps remove the histamine and other chemicals that trigger allergies. Monk fruit thus brings relief to allergy sufferers. Asthmatics are one of the key groups likely to benefit from it. By lessening the chance of asthma attacks, or reducing their severity, this fruit could be a lifesaver.

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May Help Treat Pulmonary Fibrosis

This disease damages lung tissue to the extent that it affects their ability to work normally. Researchers were excited to discover signs that monk fruit contains the mogroside IIIE compound. This could help prevent this illness from taking hold by resisting inflammation and damage to tissue.

Additional research should clarify to what extent monk fruit can contribute to the fight against pulmonary fibrosis disease. Believers in its efficacy are optimistic that future scientific investigations will deliver solid support for this theory.

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Could Ease Rheumatism Symptoms

In ancient Chinese medicine practice, this fruit provides relief from joint inflammation pains. This quality could benefit those who suffer from rheumatic and arthritic complaints. In addition, the Chinese believe that the juice has cooling powers and they also think it helps to treat fevers or heat strokes. It is possible to get the benefits from drinking monk fruit juice directly or using it mixed with water. However, someone who needs to take medications for one of these conditions should not expect monk fruit to free them completely from the need to use these prescription drugs.



Could Aid in Weight Loss

A worrying increase in obesity in western countries raises many serious medical concerns. Changes in meal plans and regular exercise programs are key components in any treatment strategy but monk fruit might also have a role to play. Foods with heavy sugar content make a considerable contribution to the obesity statistics and this is especially so with regard to child obesity. Replacing sugar with monk fruit sweeteners satisfies the appetite but without all the heavy calorie content.

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