2. Promotes Digestion

Asians have used the fruit for generations as a natural type of laxative. Studies that showed its high-fiber content made this possible. When you ingest tamarind, either as a spice or a fruit, it increases the effectiveness of the digestive system. The fiber content helps in bulking up the stool. This would make it easier for the muscles of the gastrointestinal tract to move the stool to the colon. It also happens to be a bilious substance. This means that it can stimulate bile production in the liver. Bile can assist in the faster digestion of food.

Furthermore, fiber can boost the production of gastric juices, and these will hasten digestion too. Metabolism becomes faster, as it gives bulk to stool, and this helps prevent constipation. Oddly though, some studies have shown that tamarind fiber can even help reduce the occurrence of loose stools. It can be effective in treating chronic diarrhea too. Talk about opposing effects!

Promotes Digestion Tamarind


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