Hot peppers have been used for centuries to provide a little extra food and for medicinal purposes. Thankfully the serrano pepper is no different. It offers about the same spice level as a cayenne pepper. But it can also boost your immune system and help your heart at the same time. Serrano peppers hale from Mexico but are grown in many places today and come in a variety of different colors. Most people consume them either plain or in a salsa, sauce, relish, or pickled.


1. Cancer Treatment Aid

Vitamin C has been found to enhance the effects of cancer-fighting agents such as chemotherapy. When used in conjunction with chemo, Vitamin C targets the bad cells in the body without causing any harm to the healthy ones. This helps the cancer-fighting drugs work more effectively. Serrano peppers are packed full of Vitamin C, especially for their low-calorie count. Additional research also suggests that Vitamin C plays a vital role in treating ovarian and lung cancer in particular.

Prevent the growth of cancer cells Serrano

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