As yogurt is considered a superfood, it should be no surprise that probiotic yogurt is one of the healthier things to eat on a regular basis. As dairy that's fermented into a creamy food and packed with proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals, yogurt is always good to eat. But probiotic yogurt is the best kind. It is sourced from grass-fed cows and has, even more, Omega 3's, vitamins, minerals and enzymes that are good for your digestive health. And your and overall health in general.

Supports Healthy Digestion

Probiotic yogurt may be best known for helping with the digestive system. It has healthy bacteria added to it which helps with the microflora in the gut. By having new microflora added to a digestive system some ailments can improve. This includes a regularly upset stomach to more severe problems like colon cancer, IBS, constipation, and diarrhea. Lactose intolerance is something that can also be aided by probiotic yogurt. Yes, it seems counter-intuitive considering it is a dairy product.

Resolves Gastrointestinal Issues

Lowers Type 2 Diabetes Risk

Research has shown that regular consumption of probiotic yogurt can reduce the risk of Type 2 Diabetes significantly. Not only is it a healthy food to eat, but the yogurt also supports digestion and the absorption of nutrients through the digestive tract. This is essential for healthy regulation of blood sugars.

2) Lowers Type 2 Diabetes Risk

Decreases Colorectal Cancer

In a study of over 45,000 people, the regular consumption of yogurt has been proven to protect against colorectal cancer. This is primarily due to the healthy effect of yogurt in the digestive tract. Furthermore, yogurt makes the bacteria in the gut incredibly healthy, and that will keep just about any digestive tract ailment at bay.

3) Decreases Colorectal Cancer

Helps with Weight Loss

Eating yogurt increases fat loss, at least if its the uber-healthy probiotic yogurt. A study from the University of Tennessee found that three to six ounces of yogurt per day for 12 weeks straight can decrease fat loss far quicker than those who did not eat yogurt on a regular basis or at all. In fact, 22 percent more weight was lost by those who ate yogurt and a whopping 61 percent more body fat was lost amongst the yogurt eaters. The belly region and overall waist circumference were the areas most affected.

4) Helps with Weight Loss

Boosts Immune System

The immune system boosting benefits of regular consumption of probiotic yogurt has been documented in many medical studies. This is due to body's daily exposure to healthy bacteria which bulks up the immune system. It is especially helpful when children have it throughout their youth. Yogurt helps to reduce their chances of being sick. It also staves off digestive track related illnesses and diseases in adults.

5) Boosts Immune System

Increases Bone Density

As yogurt is dairy and the best kind of dairy, it has tons of calcium. This means that it is incredibly healthy for your bones. Probiotic yogurt increases overall bone density to keep them from breaking as easily. This, in turn, makes the rest of your body stronger. Due to an increase in bone density, ailments like osteoporosis are lowered for those who consume large amounts of probiotic yogurt.

Helps Prevent Osteoporosis

Lowers High Blood Pressure

Probiotic yogurt has also been found to reduce high blood pressure. This is due to the large concentration of vitamins and minerals within the yogurt itself. Most notably potassium which has been found to significantly reduce high blood pressure when added to the bloodstream on a regular basis. In fact, some studies have found that regular consumption of yogurt will reduce the risk of high blood pressure as much as fifty percent overall.

Jicama Balances Blood Pressure

) Regulates Moods

It's true. Eating yogurt on a regular basis can help improve our overall moods. The health of a person's gut is directly tied to their overall mood, and when someone's gut hurts, they're often very down which affects other aspects of their health. However, with a healthy gut, there is a lack of discomfort and someone's mood is generally elevated, making them happier overall. And with happiness comes overall health in most cases.

8) Regulates Moods

Reduces Bad Cholesterol

If you have ever studied cholesterol or had to worry about having too much of it, you probably know there are two kinds: good cholesterol and bad cholesterol. The bad cholesterol is the stuff that's in burgers and fries and other fun things to eat on a regular basis that you know you shouldn't. And when this cholesterol is in you, it's tough to remove. Which is where probiotic yogurt comes in to save the day. A seven-ounce serving of yogurt per day has been found to reduce the overall presence of cholesterol in a person's body, meaning it's as helpful as just about any prescription drug in reducing cholesterol levels.

9) Reduces Bad Cholesterol

Can Help Back Pain and Brain-Related Diseases

Research indicates healthy bacteria, like the bacteria found in probiotic yogurts, can help to make the body stronger. And it can aid ailments such as chronic back pain and even brain diseases like Parkinson's, Alzheimers and autism. Theories abound that these brain diseases have to do with bacteria all over the body being wiped out by things like antibiotics which are taken or applied to the body on a regular basis. While there is no conclusive evidence of this, it is known that having a regular dose of healthy bacteria in your body is incredibly helpful overall.

10) Can Help Back Pain and Brain-Related Diseases


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