Much like the name implies, bean sprouts are simply the sprouts that grow out of beans. While any bean can be sprouted, most of the time mung beans and soybeans are used to create bean sprouts. This fibrous dish is popular in Eastern Asia but can be easily found in almost every country. Bean sprouts are an easy way to add a lot of nutrients to your food and have been linked to numerous health benefits. Adding to their allure is the fact they can be easily added to almost any salad, soup, or sandwich.


1. Treat and Prevent Anemia

Mung bean sprouts are very high in iron, which is essential in the development of hemoglobin. Thus, regular consumption can help prevent anemia from developing or treat iron deficiency if you already suffer from it. Plus, bean sprouts are very high in Vitamin C, which the body needs to absorb iron. Therefore, bean sprouts are one of the best foods to add to your diet if you need to increase your iron intake.

Treat and Prevent Anemia

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