More and more plants are being brought to light because of their health benefits. One such plant is Yohimbe. It's a tree that grows in Africa and yields a potent extract called yohimbine from its bark. This chemical has been extensively used as herbal medicine. It also has other traditional uses. The tree's bark has been used mainly as an aphrodisiac. But its approval by international drug agencies has given it more exposure. The demand for the extract has spawned fake extracts. If you want to obtain the genuine extract of Yohimbe, get it from a certified herbal practitioner. You can also acquire it from a health food store. If you wanted to use it, be sure you are using the proper dosage because too much of the chemical can be harmful.

Promotes Sexual Health

The most popular use of Yohimbe is as an aphrodisiac. It can enhance sexual health, especially for those fighting impotence. Both women and men can benefit from it. Studies conducted have indicated its potential in treating orgasmic dysfunction. Men are especially attracted to such benefits. Yohimbe is worthy as the first line of treatment for severe cases of impotence. Yohimbe extracts may be an answer for people whose sex lives have been in the doldrums.

Yohimbe sexual health


Helps Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Suffering erectile dysfunction can be very frustrating and depressing for men. Yohimbe seems to have the potential to make things right for them. Yohimbe extracts can increase circulation. This will affect the flow of blood to the genital areas. Such increased supply could help treat erectile dysfunction. It can also help boost the libido and improve fertility. The extract has positive effects on sexual arousal, motivation, and the ejaculation frequency. It's a significant component in the treatment of sexual dysfunction.

Helps Treat Erectile Dysfunction Yohimbe

Beneficial for Treatment of Other Conditions

Yohimbe extract is also useful in the treatment of other disorders. Recent studies show that you can use Yohimbe in the treatment of Type-2 diabetes. It can help increase the secretion of insulin. But the treatment is specific, and it can only be effective in diabetic patients with insulin reducing type gene. There are also studies about Yohimbe for the treatment of chest pain. It promotes the smooth circulation of blood to the different organs in the body. This ensures the prevention of many ailments, including chest pains. Perhaps this is the reason why many athletes prefer taking Yohimbe as a supplement.

Beneficial for Treatment of Other Conditions Yohimbe

Gives Circulation A Boost

A very slow-moving circulatory system will result in low levels of energy. It may also result in a slower healing process and difficulties in cognition. In such a case, you will require a vasodilator. This is a drug, agent, or nerve that causes the widening of the walls of blood vessels. Then it allows the blood to flow easier. Fortunately, Yohimbe is an excellent vasodilator. It can improve blood flow to provide the necessary nutrients and oxygen to organs and cells. With the right amount of Yohimbe, you can improve cognition, the healing processes, and increase energy levels.

Gives Circulation A Boost Yohimbe

Reduces the Risk of Hypertension

High blood pressure or hypertension is another disease that you can treat with Yohimbe extract. The herb can relieve tension in all types of blood vessels. This is good for cardiovascular health and the individual's overall health. When your blood vessels get constricted, the heart will have to work double time to pump the blood so it can reach the body's cells and tissues. This is a primary cause of strokes and heart attacks because tight blood vessels will likely become blocked. Yohimbe in your daily regimen can enhance your heart's health and prevent the acceleration of many coronary diseases.

Reduces the Risk of Hypertension Yohimbe

Helps Treat Dry Mouth

Saliva is an integral part of our mouth. It helps to provide smooth movements of tongue and lips. Mostly made of water, it is vital for a healthy body to have enough of it. The under-secretion of saliva by the salivary glands in the mouth could result to dry mouths or xerostomia. This condition is usually brought about as a side effect of medications. The intake of Yohimbe has a positive impact on the production of saliva in the mouth.

Helps Treat Dry Mouth Yohimbe

Helps to Suppress Appetite

Overeating is an addiction and people suffering from this syndrome are unable to fight it off. Scientific research shows that taking Yohimbe extract can neutralize hunger or suppress appetite. This is excellent news for people who struggle with weight. With a suppressed appetite, you won't eat as much which will do wonders for your weight loss plan. It will help you to get relief from constant hunger pangs.

Yohimbe appetite


Promotes Weight Loss

Yohimbe extracts have effects on weight loss. Many people exercise and still aren't able to reduce their fat. Yohimbe extracts can block certain adrenoreceptors in the body. This will allow higher levels of norepinephrine in the body. This compound will inhibit the mobilization of fats. Consequently, this will lead to the breaking down of fats of the areas in the body like the waist, thighs, and hips. You should carefully monitor your hormone levels as increased levels may have adverse effects on the body. Consult your doctor before adding Yohimbe to your workout routine.

aid in weight loss Yohimbe

Helps Relieve Depression and Anxiety

You need a sufficient amount of the chemical dopamine in your brain for it to function efficiently. Low levels will lead to fatigue, lack of motivation, mood swings, and in time, depression. The unique property of Yohimbe in increasing the levels of dopamine in the body makes it essential in the treatment of depression. You should only take the prescribed amount to give the result you desire. Consult with your doctor on Yohimbe dosage before adding it as a supplement to avoid any side effects. By increasing the effects of the natural release of adrenaline, Yohimbe can quell anxiety. When the body is under physical or mental stress, it releases the hormone adrenaline. This prompts psychological changes associated with fear and anxiety. Yohimbe can even outperform propranolol. This is a medication used to decrease the effects of adrenaline to treat symptoms of anxiety disorders.

Helps Relieve Depression and Anxiety Yohimbe

Enhances Athletic Performance

Many athletes have also turned to Yohimbe extracts to improve their performance. Aside from helping in weight loss, the extract can also help increase muscle mass and reduce fatigue. The extract has the potential to increase energy expenditure in people. Therefore, it enhances their energy levels. Take the extract in small amounts to avoid any side effects which may result due to excessive intake.

Enhances Athletic Performance Yohimbe


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