This is a relatively new herb used for medicinal purposes, especially in the West. It is also found in Asia, specifically China and India, where Gotu Kola is frequently used in traditional medicine as a remedy to various kinds of ailments. Its applications include healing wounds, improving mental clarity, treating skin conditions, and many more. Gotu Kola is a small perennial herbaceous plant that comes from the wetlands of Asia. Only the parts of the plant that are above ground are used to for medical purposes. Extract from the leaves and stems will produce a concentrated compound used as the active ingredients of Gotu Kola. The triterpenoid compound (saponins) drawn is essentially where the plant’s power comes from. Some of Gotu Kola’s health benefits include the following:


Reduce inflammation and joint pain

The proven effectiveness of Gotu Kola as an anti-inflammatory agent is backed by several case studies and years of tradition. It is used to help people who are suffering from joint ailments, such as arthritis. Studies have shown it’s massive health benefits for arthritic joints. In these tests, there was a reduction of skin hardening and the joint pain associated with the inflammatory disease. Improvement in the ability to move fingers was also noted.


Speeds up the healing of wounds

The practice of using Gotu Kola salves and leaves in treating wounds is indigenous to Asian culture. The compound responsible for healing is saponins, which comes from the leaves of the plant. This substance stimulates the blood flow to the cells. It also protects the wounds from infections, thus speeding up the healing process. Gotu Kola contains other beneficial compounds, including asiaticasoide. This can be responsible for strengthening the skin. Asiatic acid is a mother compound found in the plant that increases collagen production, which could hasten the process of healing wounds. Gotu Kola has even shown to improve the healing of burns. Furthermore, it can be useful for high levels of inflammation, scarring, and even leprosy.


Helps alleviate anxiety and other nervous disorders

There are different researches on how Gotu Kola can relieve anxiety. But there is already significant evidence that the herb may have positive effects on the issue. There was research conducted on test subjects suffering from some form of general anxiety disorder or GAD. It revealed that the use of Gotu Kola reduces the frequency and severity of anxiety attacks. Gotu Kola can calm the nervous system, reduce stress, and promote healthy sleep. It can improve the quality of life for people who have epilepsy and premature aging. This is because of the powerful calming effect of Gotu Kola. The herb, in its appropriate form, may be taken regularly to relieve symptoms.


Promotes skin health

The saponins found in Gotu Kola are also proficient in enhancing the skin's appearance. This feature has attracted the attention of many pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies. The herb can reduce the look of wrinkles, scars, and other skin conditions. It has the property of inhibiting scar tissue, thus making the skin look smooth even after surgery or an injury. This unique property is known as antioxidant activity, one of several reasons why Gotu Kola is gaining popularity. The herb can further be used in the treatment of eczema, and psoriasis. They can even reduce the stretch marks brought about by scarring from surgery and pregnancy.


May reduce cellulite and stretch marks

We are all familiar with unwanted stretch marks. Typically, they are caused by weight fluctuation and growth spurts, especially in women, who naturally gain weight in parts of their body as they grow. The fat cells push through the skin's collagen layers. The continuous stretching results in the damage of the skin's layers, which causes them to change color and turn light pink. The usual targets of both stretch marks and cellulite are the buttocks, hips, and thighs. The application of Gotu Kola shows encouraging results in preventing these common female concerns.


Enhances cognition

The consumption of Gotu Kola, according to studies, can increase cognitive abilities. The reason for this finding is dependent upon Goto Kola's positive impact on the body's circulatory system. With improved circulation, there is more oxygen being carried to the brain, thus improving brain functioning and cognition. The antioxidants found in the herbs can also be responsible for improved cognition. There's evidence that the herb can delay the effects of dementia and Alzheimer's disease. They activate the neural pathways by reducing free radicals and plaque in the brain. Because of these benefits, Gotu Kola has become a widely-used supplement for senior citizens.


Promotes brain function

Aside from improving cognitive abilities, Gotu Kola may improve memory, intelligence, and concentration. It also has shown to have the ability to treat degenerative diseases like Alzheimer's and dementia. According to research, there's a substantial improvement in the memory of those given daily doses of Gotu Kola extract. Gotu Kola also has certain acids that have shown to protect neural damages caused by harmful free radicals. These acids also have the potential to treat Alzheimer's disease. The study is still in its early stage, and more research may be necessary.


Improves circulation

Gotu Kola has two important and beneficial roles in relation to the circulatory system. In the extract form, it is capable of strengthening the blood vessels' walls. This is especially applicable for the arteries and capillaries, preventing the leakage of blood and improving the circulatory system. The extract can also stimulate blood flow, thus increasing oxygenation in the different body parts, especially the brain. Another important compound found in Gotu Kola is terpenes. These increase collagen production leading to lower blood pressure and can decrease swellings caused by edema.


Ease symptoms of diabetes

One major complication of diabetes is that it causes capillaries to deteriorate. This stops the transport of oxygen and nutrients to body tissues and inhibits circulation. This condition is medically called dysfunctional micro-circulation. The effects of the condition could be disastrous. Thankfully, we have Gotu Kola to the give some natural relief to this diabetic condition. One study on Gotu Kola extract and its effect on diabetic microangiopathy showed noteworthy progress in symptoms. Common symptoms, such as poor blood flow and swelling of the ankles improved significantly.


Helps protect the gastrointestinal system

Gotu Kola leaves have frequently been used in traditional medicine in treating severe stomach pains. This traditional treatment is still used as an effective remedy. The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of the Gotu Kola leaves continues to improve gut and colon health. Gotu Kola may also be effective in the treatment of alcohol-induced ulcers. Gastric ulcers occur when the mucous membrane linings of the stomach get inflamed and destroyed. Excessive consumption of alcohol is the usual suspect that causes gastric ulcers.  



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