This is a relatively new herb used for medicinal purposes, especially in the West. It is also found in Asia, specifically China and India, where Gotu Kola is frequently used in traditional medicine as a remedy to various kinds of ailments. Its applications include healing wounds, improving mental clarity, treating skin conditions, and many more. Gotu Kola is a small perennial herbaceous plant that comes from the wetlands of Asia. Only the parts of the plant that are above ground are used to for medical purposes. Extract from the leaves and stems will produce a concentrated compound used as the active ingredients of Gotu Kola. The triterpenoid compound (saponins) drawn is essentially where the plant’s power comes from. Some of Gotu Kola’s health benefits include the following:


1. Reduce inflammation and joint pain

The proven effectiveness of Gotu Kola as an anti-inflammatory agent is backed by several case studies and years of tradition. It is used to help people who are suffering from joint ailments, such as arthritis. Studies have shown it’s massive health benefits for arthritic joints. In these tests, there was a reduction of skin hardening and the joint pain associated with the inflammatory disease. Improvement in the ability to move fingers was also noted.


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