Do you usually find yourself taking a nap after lunch? Are you searching for a candy bar so that you can survive that afternoon meeting? If you are generally sluggish on some days without any reason, you should think about giving a powerful boost to your diet. The sort of food and the quantity you consume plays a significant role in the daily energy levels. Meals rich in fat content and high in calories can make you feel lethargic and weak. That's because these foods need more energy for digestion. Therefore, to stay active all day, you should make smarter food choices and fuel the body accordingly. Keep reading to find 20 energy-boosting foods that will give an instant jumpstart to your day.


Leafy Greens

Food derived from plants or trees will help boost energy levels. Green, leafy veggies are low-calorie additions that can keep you going on all day long. Some great examples are spinach, arugula, chard, lettuce, or kale. These flavorful foods contain vitamins and minerals that are significant for raising energy levels. These veggies are high in folate, which is a mood-enhancing nutrient known for staving off depression. Unlike acid-producing foods, leafy greens won’t zap your energy; instead, they will regulate the protein intake.



The top pick of bodybuilders, bananas are rich in potassium content and are known for keeping your tummy fuller for much longer. Snacking on these Vitamin B6-infused foods can stabilize the blood sugar levels. In turn, you can get a quick boost of energy. As low potassium levels can result in lethargy, peeling a banana on the go can certainly satisfy your appetite. They are nature’s fast food that can hold you over until you have your full-fledged meal. As bananas are composed of sugars and fiber, they are energy food. You can even top them with almond butter for a complete snack that can keep you tied over until the lunchtime.


Whole Grains

Whole grain foods like rye, oats, and barley are high on carbs. These foods are known for supplying constant energy. As consumption of carbs gives an instant energy boost, they make a perfect option as pre-workout food. On the other hand, foods containing refined carbohydrates such as white rice won’t last for a long time. Within an hour, you will start feeling lethargic. That is why it is essential to choose products like brown rice and whole loaves of bread. Such refined carbs maintain the blood sugar levels for a more extended period, thus keeping you energized ad charged.



For long-term energy retention, there cannot be any other protein option as good as salmon. The nutritional benefits of this food are many. It contains the right mix of carbs and proteins. The fish also has healthy fats which can keep you going on without a break. Apart from being loaded with proteins, salmon also has omega-3s that can benefit the bowel movements and help with inflammation. The best part is salmon can be prepared in a lot of ways; it offers a maximum benefit when combined with a vegetable. With the correct salmon combination, you will feel energized throughout the day. Just try a salmon salad loaded with cucumbers and spinach in your lunch and notice its magical effect!


The best liquid pick-me-up any time of the day or night when you want to feel energized is coffee. A cup of coffee can keep you energized and healthy for a long time. Caffeine present in the brew is an ideal energy-booster. That is why millions of people love their early morning cup of coffee. It refreshes them instantly. However, you must cut down on sugars and creams. Although they make your cup of Joe tastier, these extras are loaded with sugars and calories, which lead to weight gain.


Add a healthy energy-boosting snack to your diet thanks to hummus. You will remain energized throughout the entire day. A lot of people swear by hummus as it is rich with protein and Vitamin C along with other essential nutrients You can make a healthy meal by combining hummus with strips of red bell pepper. Try dipping baby carrots in hummus, too, for maximum benefits.


Cashews, pecans, almonds, hazelnuts, and walnuts – these morsels make for an excellent treat. These nuts are not just loaded with proteins, but they are even a superb source of magnesium. As magnesium is necessary for converting sugars into energy, this crunchy snack can be just what you need when feeling drowsy. Nuts also contain coenzyme Q10 that produces energy inside the cells. So for long-term endurance, you need to grab a packet of nuts.

Dark Chocolate

Do you need one more reason to love chocolate? The dark chocolate varieties are known to give an instant energy boost. Chocolates are not just delicious; they boost metabolism by bringing down the stress levels. A small piece of dark chocolate can increase alertness as it contains flavanols that move the blood flow to the brain. Eating dark chocolate keeps away lethargy and fatigue for an extended period. So, next time you are feeling tired, you know what to do.

Unsweetened Yogurt

Yogurt is a fantastic breakfast snack option to choose for your morning meal. It can take away sluggishness instantly. Available in many flavors to choose from, yogurt contains amino acids which relieve fatigue and keep the digestive system in order. Yogurt is rich in magnesium as well as calcium, which energize the body. It is the best post-workout meal because it can top off glycogen sources. The Greek and Icelandic yogurt are most beneficial as they contain good bacteria known as Probiotics, which benefit digestion.


Everyone knows the numerous benefits of eating eggs. It is a complete diet in itself. Eggs provide the highest form of protein, approximately 30% of the dietary needs. Not just protein, eggs also contain essential amino acids that can quickly build muscles and provide an enormous amount of energy. You can eat eggs in several ways from boiled to scrambled. The list cannot be complete without listing this incredibly rich food known as the egg.


Popcorn is not just a delicious snack, but it has loads of fiber. You also have the option to get it with whole grains or less sodium and butter. You can even make popcorn at home, with a dash of salt to add flavor. Also, ensure that you snack on a reasonable amount of the addictive treat and once you start feeling quenched, back away!


Perhaps one vegetable that you must have in massive quantities on a daily basis is broccoli. This particular veggie is packed with Vitamin C, which helps battle free radicals that make you lethargic. Also, it has proteins and fibers that are apt for the daily nutritional boost. Broccoli also gives you carotene as well as chromium that regulates blood sugar levels in the body.


One reason why most people end up feeling sluggish in the day is water deficiency. Whenever you feel a little fatigued, drink a glass of water, preferably with lemon. This action provides an added bit of Vitamin C. It’s important to stay hydrated as dehydration can result in a slower metabolism. Though some foods can give water content, like watermelon you still you need to drink a glass of water. If you start passing dark urine or have limited quantities, you need more water. Drink at least seven glasses of water per day. You can also try drinking coconut water as it contains potassium and electrolytes.


Quinoa is a gluten-free grain that is special for numerous reasons including a high amount of protein. By acting as a complex carbohydrate, quinoa provides you with ample energy. If you workout, you should consume quinoa as it is sure to give you the power that you need. The boost comes from the amino acids. Thanks to the nutritional value of quinoa, it can be rightly used as a side dish. Find a fantastic recipe for quinoa online and prepare a nutritious dish yourself that can help you survive the day.


Blueberries are favorite superfoods containing antioxidants that in turn improve cognition. The good thing about blueberries is that they taste great and you can pop them out at any time like candies. Pair them with walnuts, and you can get omega-3 fatty acids, which are excellent for your brain. Besides, these all-natural foods can help combat free radicals in the body, thereby energizing you and keeping you well at the end of the day.


Because of the high sugar content, pineapples might not be the ideal food if you are trying to lose weight. However, it is a great fruit for those who want added energy through the day. The manganese content in pineapples is what provides the energy output. This fruit is a healthy alternative that offers plenty of Vitamin C. You can enjoy them as a fruit salad for getting instant energy.


One food that makes a great addition when looking for energy-producing foods is peppers. They can be easily added to any recipe or just cut up to dip in food like hummus for extra energy. In addition to providing a boost, peppers are famous for curbing your appetite and squashing unnecessary cravings all through the day.

Herbal Teas

Your favorite herbal teas are not just nutritious, but they are also energy-producing foods that get easily absorbed by the body. In herbal teas, the most popular one is green tea. However, ginger tea and ginseng tea are better as they do not contain caffeine content. Try different herbal teas and find out the best tea which works for your body. When consumed shortly after meals, they keep you full for longer.


Cucumbers are full of water, and they are an excellent source of energy as well. As cucumbers contain loads of Vitamin C, they are best additions to salads. They can be quickly cut into slices and added to any meal for extra energy. You should always go for organic cucumbers as they are free of pesticides. Apart from this, cucumbers have a generous amount of vitamins and minerals that can boost the energy levels.


Finally, the list cannot be complete without mentioning lentils. Though lentils get slowly digested by the body, these foods are high on nutritional aspect and are necessary for a balanced diet. Apart from being easy to cook, lentils have an excellent shelf life. They are not too expensive and can be combined well with any meal. Lentils are amongst the healthiest food options so you must shop for them weekly.


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