Although there is no one single recipe for weight loss, you can increase your success by adding specific exercises and manipulating your diet. The first thing to do is to add some products that will speed up your metabolism even when you are at rest. Keep reading to learn more about the top 17 foods that boost your metabolism. You can add some of your favorites to your diet, and you will see results in no time!

Green Tea

Numerous scientific studies with accelerating metabolism credit Green Tea (along with green tea extract). One study from 2012 found that the high antioxidant content in green tea could help to protect the body from disease-causing free radicals. The outcome of this trial was concerning prostate and breast cancers. That is just one of the many benefits of green tea.


Hot Peppers

Raw and cooked hot peppers-such as cayenne, jalapeno, and habanero can naturally speed up your metabolism. A study from the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology also credits hot peppers with reducing appetite cravings due to the rich capsaicin within. The capsaicin compound naturally speeds up both blood circulation and metabolic rate, which is why you sweat when you eat hot wings or nachos seasoned with unusually hot peppers.


Fatty Fish

Research conducted by the Mayo Clinic found that a diet high in omega-3 fats sped up metabolism. It was also responsible for lower levels of leptin in the human body. The researchers recognized the link when studying African tribes whose diets were rich in fatty fish like salmon and mackerel. Due to the fish-based foods, tribesmen and women reduced their leptin levels by up to five percent.



A study from Ewha Woman's University, in Seoul, Korea linked garlic to higher testosterone levels. The testosterone hormone is closely related to energy production. More energy means more time to be active, exercise, eat well and maintain healthy body weight. Include more garlic into your meals, but remember to brush afterward to get rid of any bad breath.



According to research, snacking on apples can help keep your weight off. In a study from the State University of Rio de Janeiro, researchers monitored the diets of a group of women. They discovered that females who made it a point to eat three small apples daily also shed significantly more weight compared to women who didn't munch on the fruit. Pears also worked in the study.


Citrus Fruits

Oranges, grapefruit, tangerines, limes, and lemons are all rich in vitamins. These fruits have been shown to aid your fat burning efforts and boost metabolism. Diets rich in vitamin C ensure insulin balance. More importantly, it reduces insulin spikes which can cause you to crave carbohydrate-loaded snacks during the day.


Hemp and Flaxseed Oil

Both of these oils contain a fair share of energy-boosting omega-3 fatty acids. You can incorporate hemp oil and flaxseed oil into cooking and baking. They are healthy sources of essential fatty acids, which in addition to boosting your metabolism. These oils are also great for your skin, nails, and hair. They are a perfect source of healthy fats if you don't like fish.



Although water is not food, it is essential when it comes to managing the efficiency of your metabolism. If you drink water before eating and continuously throughout the day, you will notice more energy and an increased rate of fat burning.

A 2004 German study from Berlin's Franz-Volhard Clinical Research Center, and published by WebMD, linked water consumption to metabolism. For example, drinking at least 17 ounces per day increased metabolic rates of 30 percent for both males and females.



All spices of distinctive taste such as black pepper, cayenne pepper, chili powder, and even ground ginger have one significant thing in common; they are known to accelerate your metabolic rate.

In 2001, one study found that the seedier and more pungent the spice-the better it is for energy increase. Study participants who consumed meals seasoned with ground black pepper, powdered ginger, powdered onion, red pepper, and mustard seeds burned over 1,000 additional calories per day!



Almonds are rich in calcium, which can strengthen the bones. However, recent research links it also with weight control. A study conducted by researchers at the University of Tennessee, related diets rich in calcium shed double the weight of those with low calcium diets. You should consume between 1,200 and 1,300 milligrams daily.



Mike Geary is a certified personal trainer, nutrition specialist and author of the book, The Fat Burning Kitchen. He points to broccoli as a fat fighter due to several detoxifying vitamins. This list includes vitamin A, C, and K, antioxidants, dietary fiber, and folate. All play an essential role in the natural cleansing process as well as weight management.



Soups are a perfect option if you are looking for solutions to lose some weight. According to research findings, a group of women who ate the hunger-satiating combo of liquids and solids ate less. They also had fewer snack cravings. The participants increased their metabolism and fat burning abilities, too, thanks to soups.


Dried Beans

Dried beans and legumes will help you keep your insulin levels in check and protect you from spikes in blood sugar. Studies published by the National Institutes of Health show that the resistant starch in dried red beans naturally keeps insulin levels in check. Thus, you feel full for longer, are less prone to binge eating, and usually store less fat.


Whole Grains

Whole grains are grains that retain all naturally occurring nutrients from the bran, germ, and endosperm. Other refined grains strip these vital components. Consuming whole grains lead to higher metabolism because they stabilize insulin levels.

Research from Harvard's School of Public Health found that diets rich in whole grains like quinoa, oats, and brown rice ensure that carbohydrates are released slowly. In turn, this process prevents spikes in blood sugar and insulin levels, which are associated with snack attacks.


Nuts and Seeds

According to animal studies conducted at the University of Wisconsin, consuming a diet high in Omega-3 fatty acids is a sure way to increase your metabolism and energy levels. Nuts and seeds are rich in omega 3 and can be a delicious addition to your morning yogurt, porridge or lunch salad.



Raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, and blackberries are naturally sweet and can serve as a delicious and nutritious dessert. Berries are rich in anthocyanins, water-soluble vacuolar pigments that encourage production of the hormone adiponectin. They also prevent the expansion of fat cells. Studies also show that berries are abundant in the micronutrients polyphenols, which reduce the body's absorption of fats and starches.


No Refined Sugars

A straightforward way to speed up your metabolism and aid your weight loss efforts is to say no to foods and drinks high in refined sugar. This list includes candy, sodas, baked goods, processed snacks, and sugar-infused coffees and teas. If you are craving sweets, reach for a piece of fruit or a glass of water with mint or basil leaves.


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