The latest trends in healthy eating are always changing, and it can be hard to keep up with what nutritionists and successful dieters recommend. Healthy eating can include a lot of components, from picking the right foods at the grocery store to cooking them in the most nutritious way. Dieting techniques can also vary greatly over time. To understand how to eat better, you first need to know what your options are. The healthy-eating trends mentioned here can help you improve both what you eat and how you eat it, making your diet much healthier.


1. Bean Flours

If you check out the aisles of your local grocery store, you might notice things like chickpeas chips, lentil pasta or black bean tortillas. Bean flour has become one of the most popular ingredients turning traditionally unhealthy foods into nutritional superfoods. Instead of loading up on spaghetti made with processed white flour, health-conscious consumers are turning to bean pasta, which has higher amounts of protein and fiber. Once relegated to the health food aisle, these products are becoming more and more mainstream, and their health benefits make them a worthwhile substitution in your diet.

bean flour healthy-eating trends

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