Your fridge is not the ideal place to store certain food items. Just because you have a big fridge doesn’t mean you need to keep everything in it. The point is, a lot of vegetables and fruits can do without refrigeration. Free some space in your refrigerator by keeping the room-temperature-happy food items in your pantry or in a fruit bowl.


1. Avocados

Avocado is incredibly nutritious. Nurturing an avocado and ripening it is an art. This creamy fruit is usually stone-hard when freshly bought from the market. So, it’ll take some time for avocados to ripen properly at home before you eat them. Avocadoes ripen the best at room temperature. Putting them in a refrigerator will slow the ripening process. For a faster ripening time, you can put one or more avocados together in a paper bag; this traps in the natural ethylene gas that the plant emits, making guacamole time come a little bit sooner.

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