Practically everything in a modern supermarket contains at least some amount of sugar, ranging from frozen dinners to sweet pop. High levels of sugar are known to be harmful to the body and have even been shown to increase the risk of certain diseases like cancer or diabetes. Sugar is a nasty ingredient because it's high in calories yet offers little to no nutritional value. If you haven't started cutting down on your sugar consumption now is a great time to reconsider your diet. Find out ten easy ways to cut out sugar.


1. Avoid Hidden Sugars

Sugar is found everywhere, even in places where you don't expect to see it. This makes sugar a hidden danger, present at nearly all of our meals. In fact, most people consume high amounts of sugar without even being aware of it because sugar is used to sweeten all kinds of foods - bread, sauces, and canned goods. You should limit sugar consumption to just six teaspoons of added sugar daily, but it's always okay to eat natural sugars that are found in fruits and vegetables, for example. However, keep everything in moderation.

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