The health benefits from tea drinking helped ensured this drink's popularity in eighteenth-century Europe and, and it remains one of our favorite beverages. Tea drinkers seem to have become more health conscious in recent years. The growing market for herbal teas provides a clear sign of how this drink's health benefits are once again widely recognized. Research shows how different types of tea may improve resistance to various diseases. Also, the possibility that tea drinking might help people lose weight attracts an increasing amount of interest. Everyone wants to know which tasty drinks they can enjoy while losing those extra pounds or kilos.


1. The wonders of green tea

If you ask someone to name one herbal tea, expect him or her to answer "green tea." This is probably the most widely used and best known of all the herbal teas. Although green describes the drink's color, it also brings positive associations with nature and purity. An advertising agency may not have invented the name, but it does wonders boosting the drink's popularity. There is sufficient evidence to show how this drink is successfully incorporated into diet plans. It makes the body burn up fat that much faster. One investigation found that those who drank four or five cups of green tea daily and exercised for 25 minutes, lost two pounds more than other dieters who only exercised.


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