Achillea millefolium - more commonly known as yarrow - is a miracle plant of sorts due to its strong ability to improve both the skin and internal health naturally. Yarrow is especially useful when it comes to treating different conditions of the skin, although it has many unique internal benefits as well. It contains a number of properties including alkamides as well as sesquiterpene lactones, which help to promote healing of the skin and the body. That’s why yarrow is most often used as an antiseptic. In this article, we’ll go over some of the most useful benefits of this plant. Find out ten benefits of yarrow.

Calms Respiratory Symptoms

Yarrow is most often described as a treatment for various skin conditions. However, one of the most beneficial effects of this powerful remedy is its ability to soothe symptoms of the respiratory system. For those who have asthma - a condition that causes swelling in the bronchi - yarrow can be a quick and relatively effective treatment. Yarrow, as demonstrated by various studies, has been shown to dilate the bronchi, thus making it easier to breathe. However, you shouldn't ever replace other treatments with yarrow, and always make sure to contact your doctor to see if this is a suitable remedy for you.



Protects the Stomach

Another health benefit of yarrow is its positive properties for the stomach. Yarrow has a wide history when it comes to the treatments of all kinds of ailments of the stomach. However, nowadays it is believed that yarrow can not only treat but also prevent certain conditions from developing. For example, stomach ulcers, which can usually cause pain and discomfort, can be avoided by regularly consuming yarrow. Moreover, damage to the stomach can be healed more readily by consuming yarrow. If your symptoms persist, contact your doctor for further analysis.




You might be surprised to know that yarrow is an unparalleled natural antiseptic due to the presence of various essential oils. No wonder various cultures have used this plant to ensure the cleanliness of skin after received a cut or bruise. Therefore, yarrow can be considered a disinfectant of sorts. In addition to cleaning wounds, yarrow can also help skin to heal faster as well as prevent infections from occurring. In this regard, yarrow works by activating the blood platelets on the skin, thus protecting it from bacteria and other harmful substances.



Hormonal Balance

Many people suffer from an imbalance of the hormones. This is especially true in women with PMS cycle. In any case, hormonal imbalances can cause a wide array of medical conditions to appear as a result, including fatigue and night sweats. Yarrow is one of the many changes you can incorporate into your diet, that over time help to increase the natural balance of hormones within the body. Naturally, it is important to combine a healthy diet with plenty of exercises and plenty of sleep. You should be sure to consult your doctor before using yarrow; sometimes, a hormonal imbalance may pinpoint a more serious condition that requires medical intervention.



Promotes Scar Healing

Yarrow is used widely by many cosmetic producers as a way to naturally reduce the visibility of blemishes and other skin imperfections. For people that suffer from scarring on the face - caused especially by acne or other dermatological conditions - yarrow can naturally help to improve the overall appearance of the sensitive skin of the face. Moreover, yarrow can be consumed internally, or it can be used as a topical remedy depending on the preference of each patient. Usually, scarring is accompanied by other symptoms such as dryness or irritation; yarrow can also help to calm the skin and reduce discomfort.



Anti-inflammatory Properties

Yarrow can come in handy in situations that involve inflammation of the skin or different parts of the body. Some conditions may lead to the natural reaction that causes inflammation: allergies, colds, or even more serious conditions such as cancer. However, when it comes to treating inflammation, yarrow contains flavonoids as well as sesquiterpene lactones, which work to reduce inflammation, thus helping relieve symptoms naturally. Besides the skin, inflammations can also affect other organs of the body such as the liver or kidney. It is important to contact your doctor if you notice pain alongside inflammation immediately.



Helps Heal Wounds

Imagine the situation: you’re out on a hike in a far-away region with no access to medical facilities. You stumble on a rock, scraping your leg and causing a wound. If you don’t happen to have access to rubbing alcohol, you can carry 5% yarrow extract as a perfectly suitable alternative. This remedy has been shown multiple times to help improve the healing process of the wounded skin. Yarrow works by stimulating the growth of new healthy skin and collagen. Without collagen, your skin wouldn’t feel firm and plump. If you notice any signs of infection or a general worsening of symptoms, contact your doctor.



Higher Sleep Quality

Many people experience problems relating to sleep quality; these include, for example, trouble falling asleep, or problems staying asleep. Yarrow has a long history of consumption to improve sleep quality. Many studies have demonstrated that yarrow might generate a calming effect on the body, helping to eliminate stress and anxiety. In this regard, yarrow works by impacting the central adenosine mechanism, thus allowing for a good night’s sleep. However, to ensure good quality sleep, be sure to turn off all electronic devices at least 30 minutes before bed.



Reduces Stomach Pain

Consuming yarrow is a great way to help treat various ailments of the digestive system. For example, one of the most common conditions that pester millions of patients is irritable bowel syndrome - often causing such troubles as diarrhea or stomach cramps. Besides the pain, this condition can interrupt your daily routine considerably. However, consuming yarrow may be highly beneficial in aiding the stomach to work better. One way that yarrow works is by relaxing the muscles and helping to prevent muscle contractions. Making dietary changes can also contribute to improvements in symptoms.



Promotes Good Digestion

Another way that yarrow boosts your health is by helping to ensure proper digestion. This way, you’ll absorb nutrients more efficiently, and you are less likely to suffer from stomach pain and other ailments affecting the intestines. Yarrow tea is especially useful for this purpose. In fact, it contains dicaffeoylquinic acids which help to increase bile flow, thus aiding the digestive process and breaking down fat. You can consume this drink after a heavy meal, or during other parts of the day, for example as an afternoon drink. If symptoms persist, contact your doctor.



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