All fruits will have some benefits to the health system. Different ones have varying levels of benefits and so on; the ones with the highest levels of all-around good stuff are known as superfruits. They have elevated levels of antioxidants and immune boosting benefits. These fruits give you much more in one serving than others give you in two or three. Which ones are best? The list is long, but we’ve listed the top ten, so you can start a superfruit revolution in your body. You can begin reaping all the health benefits the best way: naturally!


Previously known as a bit of fancy fruit, figs are becoming more popular. Figs are one of the best sources of calcium you’ll get from fruit. They also have 20% of your recommended daily dose of potassium. They can be tricky to eat. If you are not into slicing and consuming it straight from the skin, figs can be put into salads or breakfast meals. You can also cook or roast figs to release the sweetness even more. Dried figs are also often available in the dried fruits section of your supermarket.

figs Superfruits


A watermelon is 92% water. It is a great way to hydrate your body while enjoying the scrummy watermelon taste and crunch. Watermelon also contains lycopene, which is a powerful antioxidant that prevents cell damage. It is also rich with potassium, calcium, magnesium, and vitamin C. Since they have it all, watermelons also fill you up quite a bit. Seasonally available and grow all over the world, you’ll know melon is ripe if it has an excellent hollow sound when you tap on its thick green skin.

watermelon Superfruits


Lychees are grown in southern China and often eaten in Asian cuisine. Never heard of them? Not surprising as they are not commercially available in all supermarkets. If you can find them in Asian supermarkets, definitely start to enjoy all the health benefits they bring. They are an incredible superfruit. Of all fruits tested, lychees have the second highest level of the heart-healthy polyphenols. They have 15% more nutrients compared to grapes. While grapes are great, lychees are amazing! They have properties that prevent degenerative diseases and an extremely high antioxidant level. Eaten raw or cooked you’ll need to do some research on this one, but it will be worth it.

lychee Superfruits


Big on antioxidants, blueberries stimulate blood flow to the brain. These berries have also been known to benefit a reduction of blood pressure, preventing heart disease and lessening damage to the muscles. Not only that, they are tasty, and so easy to add to cereal or yogurt snacks. You can even consume a handful at a time as you read or watch television. They won’t fill you up too much, so no fear of ruining your appetite. However, you get the benefits as you munch. If you haven’t eaten any, you are in for a treat. Sweet ripe blueberries burst in your mouth, and you’ll want more.

blueberries Superfruits


The papaya is a healing fruit cultivated in most tropical countries. It contains properties such as the enzyme called papain. Papaya also aids with digestion, as it breaks down amino acids and helps speed up recovery when used topically. It is an excellent source of lycopene and can help fight several different kinds of cancers because of its qualities in retaining cell damage. Found in Asian supermarkets or big food markets, don’t be shy to try papaya. It is excellent in a salad or fruit salsa; you can serve it as a side to grilled fish and use it as a main component to keep your meals health conscious.

papaya Superfruits


Lemons are a common fruit found on many a tree in a backyard, and readily available at the supermarket. Most commonly people may think of lemons to use in baking or as a slice in a refreshing beverage. However, using them can help to cleanse and detox your system. This concept makes lemons a superfruit. Merely drinking lemon water every morning before eating food will boost your metabolism and immune system. This action also prevents bloating and aids the digestive system. Lemons also help cleanse your liver, relieve heartburn, rejuvenate your skin, and help keep you in a good mood. They put the zing back in your day, naturally.

Superfruits lemons


Guava juice is becoming more popular these days. However, the commercial guava juices on the supermarket shelves tend also to have a lot of added sugar. The fruit itself has nearly five times as much vitamin C as a large orange. So if you are looking for an anti-wrinkle cure, try eating a guava a day. The natural collagen production in your body will increase and get to work. It is very high in antioxidants. This fruit also has a high bacteria eliminating power, which can fight against foodborne pathogens. Make your smoothie and get all the benefits, minus the sugar.

guava Superfruits


Half a grapefruit for breakfast is a typical meal for those health conscious and sports people. In the same way that a lemon will work to cleanse, grapefruits have the same principles of improving metabolism. These fruits also prevent heart disease and detox the digestive tract. Did you know they are also good for your gums? You may not want to eat the flesh of a lemon. However, you can sink your spoon into half a grapefruit and keep that goodness going from mouth to gut.

grapefruit Superfruits


Mangoes are becoming more commercially popular each year. Usually found seasonally in the supermarket they are grown and imported from countries like India, China, and Thailand. However, some types of mangoes are cultivated on American soil as well. A taste sensation to begin with, after your taste buds thank you, your body will too because mangoes can lower cholesterol and improve eye health. There have even been studies that the benefits of eating mangoes can reduce the risk of certain cancers. Not just for a fruit daiquiri, eat a whole mango, and you will benefit greatly.

mango Superfruits


Did you know bananas were a superfruit? They are eaten every day by millions of people who use them as a go-to snack or easy-to-mash baby food. Bananas are so high in magnesium and potassium; by eating one a day, you are boosting your immune system and lowering your blood pressure. You can even eliminate migraines from eating bananas as the magnesium and potassium relax the blood vessels. You’ll often see athletes eating a banana before an activity; they use it for a natural energy boost, and so can you.

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