Venturing into the world of weight loss is a daring mission. Deciding to get out of bed and work on your body is no small feat. The essential part of every weight loss plan is a good diet. Of course, the basis of every such diet should be a substantial amount of healthy food. Lean protein, healthy carbs, and beneficial fats all play an important role. Of course, every good weight loss program should include something more. We're aiming for protein in this case. There are many good natural protein sources, but few of them are concentrated enough. To lose weight and gain lean muscle, you need a lot of protein in a small portion. This is why the best and most optimal supplement for your weight loss is protein shakes.  


1. Peanut Butter and Jelly Protein Smoothie - 16 g protein

If you're a big fan of the childhood staple, the iconic sandwich, you will love this shake like no other. It bypasses the most significant downside of all protein powders - bitterness. With frozen berries and vanilla-flavored protein, this shake is the best companion. It combines excellent taste with almost no excess calories whatsoever. Natural peanut butter is a great staple of this drink and will gift it with a unique taste. Worth trying if you have a sweet tooth. Also, if you're a vegan feel free to substitute normal milk for soy milk.

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