Nowadays, hair health is somewhat of a mirage. Many conditioners and shampoos claim they can give it to you, but fail miserably. Because of that, many people lose faith in the possibility of having silky, smooth hair. Of course, silkiness and smoothness aren’t the only factors. It has to be strong, too. Also, not being prone to falling off so easily is a plus too. In search of those goals, we often find refuge in buying a plethora of health products. Although some do improve your hair health, they have other adverse effects. Something like that has no place in your shower, not even one bit. So, it’s a logical solution to seek refuge in the natural wonders of food. Many products from nature contain nutrients that maintain the health and exuberance of hair. Thus, if you’re aiming to achieve peak health in every strand of your hair, why not aim for the best of the best?


We already know about the many health benefits of salmon. It’s one of the most protein-filled fish in existence. It’s a known great choice for athletes and anyone seeking longevity. But, it turns out that salmon is the gateway to healthier hair in every sense of the word. Your body needs omega-3 fatty acids. Because it can’t produce them on its own, you need to administer them on a daily basis. They are essential for the growth and maintenance of your hair strands. With salmon, you won’t get a better source of omega-3 fatty acids.

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Greek yogurt

Aside from omega-3, other nutrients maintain hair growth. One of them is protein, perhaps the most important macro-nutrient in existence. Greek yogurt is one of the most abundant protein sources available. It’s paramount when it comes to healthily accelerating hair growth. However, there is one more ingredient that makes choosing Greek yogurt a no-brainer. That mineral is none other than vitamin B5. Also known as pantothenic acids, it helps hair grow thicker and prolongs its life by a large margin. If you have problems with your hair falling off, try Greek yogurt.

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Hair is not very picky when it comes to the nutrients it needs. Therefore, many foods can benefit the various facets of its health. One of those foods is spinach. It contains vitamin A, beta-carotene, and vitamin C. These nutrients make your hair smooth. Together, they moisturize your hair and annihilate any sort of brittleness whatsoever. If you don’t like spinach, you can choose kale too. All green leafy vegetable has miraculous effects on your hair. Instead of aiding growth, they focus on scalp health. A healthy scalp equals a healthy mane.

spinach healthy hair



Some essential hair health foods are not so easy to find. Take guava for example. This tropical food is not so easy to come across, but it’s very much worth the hassle. It shouldn’t be used in overabundant doses, as it’s a little bit expensive, given the import costs and everything. Thankfully, you only need small doses to reap the benefits. Guava is rich in vitamin C. It is surprising to know that a small cup of guava has 377 mg of vitamin C. It makes up four times the least daily intake. On top of all that, it’s tastier than you could have ever imagined.

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Many types of cereal are abundant with iron. This chemical element plays the role of an important aid when it comes to hair health. Consuming grains in the morning provides hair-enhancing nutrients. Iron plays the leading role in this group. Several studies have shown a direct correlation between hair loss. It also shows lack of iron in one’s bloodstream. By eating a lot of healthy grains, you bypass that nutritional conundrum. If you don’t like the plain taste, you are free to add some fruit to the mix.

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Chicken breast

Chicken breast is everything you ever wanted in a food. It’s cheap, it’s available everywhere, and it contains a myriad of health benefits. For starters, it’s important to point out that it’s full of protein. That important macro-nutrient leads to stronger and thicker hair. Most people don’t have any problems with hair loss, but hair weakness. It’s connected to the notion that hair is too thin to withstand the strain. By aiming to fix this problem, you will have gracious locks for a long time.

chicken healthy hair


Sweet potatoes

Having hair that doesn’t shine is one of the most annoying things in the world. One food that can assist you with that is sweet potatoes. How exactly does this sweet plant root pull off such an amazing feat? Sweet potatoes have many secrets, and hair health improvement is one of them. The key to their almost magical influence lies in beta-carotene. This antioxidant turns into something much more when in contact with stomach acid. With an abundance of vitamin A, you get healthier and more vital hair.




It’s a shame that we have shunned cinnamon to the side. Nowadays, we merely think of cinnamon as a simple addition that adds taste to your meals. Instead, it’s much more than that. Many studies conducted on the subject of cinnamon and blood pressure relations. It’s safe to say that the results are simply amazing. Cinnamon improves circulation, which leads to a better nutritional balance. Imagine all those vitamins and minerals racing to your hair at speeds greater than ever.

cinnamon healthy hair



You get the theme of this list now, right? Incredible amounts of protein are what your hair needs at every point of its life. The thing with eggs is that their protein is easy to digest and is a good emergency source of vital energy for hair. Of course, this foundation super-food hides many other benefits for your mane. Eggs are rich in biotin, a crucial B vitamin. It is one of the most important factors when it comes to hair growth. If you’re having trouble with brittle fingernails, biotin from eggs can help with this facet too.




When it comes to oysters, zinc is the representative mineral that makes them so great. A lack of zinc is directly correlated to hair loss. Even eyelashes can suffer from a lack of zinc. It doesn’t have to be an alarming situation if you set your priorities straight. Don’t hesitate to make a quick jump to the fishmonger and have yourself some fresh oysters. One or two portions per week can do magic for your hair.

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