Almonds are one of the most popular seeds - healthy, delicious, and highly versatile. Almonds come from the seeds of the fruits of the almond tree. Although they originated in the Middle East and India, almonds can be abundantly found across the world. There is a large variety of almonds, some sweet and nutty, some bitter and strong in flavor. In any case, almonds make a healthy addition to any diet and will boost your health in many aspects. Find out ten surprising health benefits of almonds.


1. Nutrient Rich

One of the almonds most remarkable qualities is its high content of nutrients, which provide the body with important elements such as fiber as well as a healthy dose of protein. In this regard, almonds are a multi-faceted food source that supplies the body with energy and power. You can buy raw or roasted almonds; both contain the same nutrients. Some of the best ways to consume almonds include eating them as an afternoon snack or mixed in with a salad or a side dish. Almonds are also a great source of fat; just one serving of almond contains up to 14 grams of fat, out of which 9 is monounsaturated


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