We all want to be healthier, but countless challenges impact our ability to realize this goal, from time to easy and affordable access to healthy foods.

While almonds are certainly not the cheapest nutritious snacking option, they're packed with health benefits that might make them worth the extra cost. From heart benefits to healthy skin, these bite-sized tree nuts have something for everyone.

Improve Heart Health

One of the best-known benefits of almonds is that they are great for heart health. Numerous studies confirm that almonds are loaded with various nutrients and minerals, including vitamin E, monounsaturated fatty acids, magnesium, potassium, dietary fibers, and more. All of these nutrients benefit heart health or reduce heart disease.

Furthermore, similar research has found that almonds can lower bad cholesterol that can build up in the arteries, providing a major health boost. All these factors mean almonds are a good snack choice in general and may specifically benefit people who face an increased risk of heart conditions.

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Great For Weight Loss

Nuts are often high in fat, which leads to an assumption that they're a bad choice if you're trying to lose weight, but almonds might actually be a good addition to a fat loss goal. A 2021 study found that almonds are the only nut positively associated with weight loss.

Almonds contain a good deal of protein and fiber, gram for gram. Foods rich in these nutrients help the body feel and stay fuller for longer; decreasing excess snacking can help with fat loss.

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Provide Blood Sugar Control

Tens of millions of Americans struggle with diabetes or managing their blood sugar, sometimes with major health consequences. Fortunately, simple changes in diets can increase health and longevity. Almonds have been found to lower blood sugar and the risk of associated diseases, noting that

Studies note that almonds can be incorporated with a diet that uses other mixed nuts for these purposes. As such, individuals should consider incorporating almonds with other nuts if they are interested in improving their blood sugar.

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Build and Maintain Strong Bones

Osteoporosis is a serious disorder that negatively impacts millions of Americans. This disease causes major bone density loss, which reduces mobility and increases the likelihood of injury. Building strong bones demands a healthy diet, one that is rich in calcium and other related nutrients.

Almonds contain good amounts of calcium and magnesium, two nutrients that are critical in maintaining bone health and helping us stay active and injury-free well into old age.

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Boost Energy

For millions of Americans, chronic fatigue or brain fog is a real challenge, one that can make it difficult to complete work or accomplish daily tasks. In these instances, diet can often make a major difference.

Almonds come loaded with two nutrients that can help with physical and mental fatigue: vitamin B and magnesium. Vitamin B assists the body in turning food into energy and helps with many vital functions, while magnesium can help fight muscle fatigue and keep us chipper throughout the day.

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Enhance the Immune System

A healthy immune system fights off diseases and reduces the length of time we're ill when we do get sick. However, like any other part of the body, the immune system needs the right nutrients to operate.

Studies suggest that almonds can increase immune system function by improving digestion and the makeup of the vital microbiome. All of this can potentially lead to staying healthier and having an easier time getting rid of illnesses when sick.

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Contain Anti-Inflammatory Properties

One of the key symptoms that ties a variety of illnesses together is inflammation. Inflamed muscles and organs are a factor in various physical and emotional disorders, as well as reduced organ function in general. Eating foods that don't cause inflammatory effects or decrease existing issues can go a long way to good health.

Unsurprisingly, almonds have a slew of anti-inflammatory properties that could help reduce diabetes severity, improve organ functioning, and minimize obesity.

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Help Prevent Cancer

The link between certain foods and cancer is well-established, with numerous foods shown to have a preventative or causational link. Fans of the lauded almond can rest easy, though. The antioxidants in these tree nuts can have many positive benefits, including reducing the risk of cancer. One study found that eating almonds can significantly reduce the risk of developing breast cancer in people susceptible to the disease.

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Great For Skin Health

Good skin has links to both positive health and aesthetics,, and studies suggest almonds have a role to play in this aspect, as well. A 2021 paper found that almonds could decrease wrinkles and skin pigmentation by as much as 20% when compared to a control group. Researchers believe the presence of fatty acids, phytochemical polyphenols, and antioxidants like vitamin E are to thank for these topical benefits.

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Contain Antioxidants

Antioxidants work in our bodies on a cellular level, helping prevent damage that can manifest in many health conditions. Nuts, in general, and almonds, specifically, have been found to contain high levels of impactful antioxidants, specifically alpha-tocopherol, a type of vitamin E.

Alpha-tocopherol's benefits include boosting the immune system, preventing blood clots, and reducing free radical damage.

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Reduces Blood Pressure

People with high blood pressure are at greater risk of serious conditions and events, including heart attack and heart disease. Diet can have a major impact on blood pressure, positively and negatively, and almonds can help the body maintain healthy levels. Multiple studies show that almonds can reduce blood pressure, thanks in part to the magnesium they contain—research shows that low magnesium is linked to high blood pressure.

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