Traditionally, it has been thought that milk is the best source of calcium. Other derived products, like cheese, yogurt, and ice cream have also been grouped together and labeled as good sources of calcium. And while they certainly are great sources of calcium, over the years, other foods have appeared in scientific literature that also contains a good amount of calcium, making them an excellent complement to the aforementioned foods. Find our 10 nondairy foods that are high in calcium.


1. Kale

You probably know that green vegetables are amongst the healthiest foods out there, both in terms of nutrients and nutrient density. They are also low in calories and leave you feeling full and satisfied. But few know that many green vegetables - including kale and many others - also contain plenty of calcium, making these leafy greens an even more important part of your diet. If you can't drink milk (or simply don't like the taste), start consuming more kale to increase calcium intake. Kale has another added benefit: it is a versatile ingredient that can be prepared in a multitude of ways.

kale high in calcium

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