As you age, your body becomes burdened with more and more toxins and impurities. These hamper the efficiency of regular bodily functions and may also cause infections and allergies. Fortunately, you have many options available to help you detoxify your system, some of which require little in the way of effort or resources. Detoxification drinks are perhaps the easiest and convenient way to remove unwanted impurities from the body. These effective detoxification drinks should refresh and cleanse your body and put you on the path toward optimal health and fitness.

Fresh Pineapple Juice

Fresh pineapple juice can flush toxins out of your body and provide you with numerous health benefits. The natural enzymes present in pineapple juice break down proteins and give a boost of vitamins C and B1. Langone Medical Center at New York University reports that bromelain, a natural anti-inflammatory enzyme found in pineapple juice, speeds up the healing of bruises and flushes out toxins via the intestinal tract. Pineapple juice also acts as an antioxidant to strengthen the bones, tendons, and ligaments. Look for fresh or canned pineapple juice that has no added preservatives.


Lemon Water

A practical and cost-effective detox cleanse for your body is lemon water. Also considered a super fruit, lemons contain ascorbic acid, which benefits the cleansing process through cleansing the bloodstream and detoxifying the body. Mix 2 tablespoons of lemon juice in 2 tablespoons of maple syrup to prepare the lemon water detox drink. Drink lemon water or lemonade twice a day, once before going to bed and one in the morning after you wake up.


Dandelion Tea

Dandelion tea is packed with lots of iron, calcium, vitamin A, and potassium. As the tea is diuretic, it can detoxify the body and flush out toxins. Dandelion tea is a great tonic for the liver. Just brew six tablespoons of dried dandelion root and some dandelion leaves, and add the mixture to 4 cups of boiling water. Brew it for about 10 minutes, and drink it for health benefits.


Raw Cabbage Juice

Certainly, raw cabbage juice doesn't sound like the most delicious drink ever, but it is loaded with vitamin C as well as amino acids. Raw cabbage juice is also known to help reduce cholesterol levels thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. Additionally, a glass of raw cabbage juice can help prevent ulcers and colon problems. Drink a glass of raw cabbage juice a day to cleanse your body and stay healthy.


Peppermint Tea

Best known for its calming effect, peppermint tea strengthens the nerves while easing gas and indigestion — and it tastes great. Peppermint tea promotes healing and makes your body lean and mean. Additionally, the natural menthol in the tea relaxes the muscles, helps you enjoy a good night sleep, and eases the pain of a sore throat. Drink a cup of peppermint tea to promote good health and glowing skin.


Aloe Vera Juice

Another great detoxifying drink that can restore colon balance and reduce inflammation is aloe vera juice. Health benefits include detoxifying the body and treating skin conditions such as acne. Though the sweet juice can be a bit difficult to gulp down initially, the unsweetened type is typically easier to digest. This topical juice is also beneficial for treating sunburns, psoriasis, abrasions and other skin conditions. Draw benefits from the antioxidants and pain-relieving properties of aloe vera juice.


Fresh Papaya Juice

Just like pineapple juice, papaya juice is also known for promoting digestion. With a glass full of papaya juice, you intake important vitamins and flush out all the toxins. Drink papaya juice two to three times a week as an alternative to pineapple juice. Make sure that the papaya juice you buy is made from 100 percent papaya fruit and doesn't have any added sweeteners. As papaya juice is packed with carotenoid content, it helps fight diseases and protects your eyes and kidneys.


Fresh Apple Juice

Fresh apple juice is rather delectable and benefits your body, as it's packed with nutrients that make you feel healthy. Raw apple juice contains various nutrients including the natural antioxidant quercetin, and it flushes toxins out of the liver and kidneys. If you've binged on alcohol, a glass of fresh apple juice is a great rescue. The apple juice replenishes your body with lost nutrients and guards against environmental toxins.


Fresh Cranberry Juice

Crush cranberries to make juice, and allow it to sit for half an hour before drinking. A glass of cranberry juice can help hydrate the body and provide you with required nutrients. This juice is best known for protecting against urinary tract infections as well as ulcers. As the juice is packed with manganese and antioxidants, it can help detox the body, reducing reduce the risk of kidney stones.


Fresh Carrot Juice

A popular detox juice that promises numerous health benefits is fresh carrot juice. This juice is loaded with vitamin A and lots of antioxidants, which are great for treating digestive problems and gas. Additionally, carrots are also a good source of iron, and they provide an energizing blast of oxygen.


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