With the summer season in full swing, it may be time to start looking at healthy dishes to help lose some of those extra pounds. One of the best diet formulas involves low-carb foods, which aim at losing weight and retaining muscle mass. Carbs are in starchy foods like potatoes, grains, and rice.

They can be detrimental to weight loss because they are high in calories. However, if you follow some general guidelines, you can eat delicious food while losing weight at the same time.


Beef is an excellent source of all kinds of nutrients. Also, it’s low in carbs, making it one of the top choices for bodybuilders and people who are trying to lose weight. Moreover, beef can leave you feeling full, reducing that chance that you’ll chow down on unhealthy snacks. Beef comes in different varieties, ranging from ribeye steak to hamburgers. If you’re looking for something tasty yet delicious, look for low-fat beef. It’s also good to know that meat is rich in iron, helping to ensure healthy levels of hemoglobin in the blood.

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Lamb is another type of protein that is extremely low in carbs. Just like beef, lamb has an abundant amount of nutrients and minerals without the unnecessary carbs. One of the best nutrients in lamb is iron, which is necessary for the production of hemoglobin in the blood. Vitamin B12 also is found in lamb, but not easily found in other food sources. This notion makes lamb an excellent alternative. Moreover, lamb has a multitude of ways to be prepared, and it has a delicious savory flavor. Try eating lamb a few times a week.

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You have probably heard that chicken is considered one of the healthiest proteins out there. That’s entirely true. However, what you may not know is that chicken is also low in carbs, making this protein an essential component of any low-carb diet. It’s also rich in nutrients not to mention its high content of protein. This type of poultry does all this and more, while at the same time being low in calories. You can also eat different parts of the chicken for a fattier meal, such as the wings or the things.

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Zucchini makes for a superb substitute for many carb-intense foods. This green food is known for a being high in vitamins and minerals as well as having a tender, delicate flavor. Zucchinis can be incorporated in a multitude of ways into different dishes; for example, you can cut them into noodle-like strands. You can even swap more complex ingredients like flour with zucchini. Also, of course, zucchini can be enjoyed fresh as an afternoon snack, giving you a summery sensation. If you want to spice things up, you can enjoy sliced zucchini with some homemade dip.

Incorporate These 10 Foods into Your Low-Carb Diet


Cauliflower contains just 5 grams of carbs per cup, making this great low-carb food that’s hard to resist. They are known throughout the culinary world as a uniquely versatile food due to its ability to substitute mashed potatoes and other starchy vegetables. Rice, mash, and even soups can all be made using pureed or steamed cauliflower. Cauliflower has a neutral taste, making it easy to spice up with other ingredients such as pepper or garlic. Cauliflower is also among the best sources of antioxidants. Thus eating it can boost your immune system and reduce your risk of infections.

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With just 2 grams of carbs per cup, mushrooms are an excellent low-carb source of nutrients. When used correctly, mushrooms are an outstanding alternative to high-carb foods, such as buns and pizza crust. Mushrooms come in different shapes and sizes, giving them unbeatable versatility. They also absorb flavors, making mushrooms great for stews, soups, and sauces. You can combine them with garlic and onions for a delicious side dish. Moreover, mushrooms are a rich source of antioxidants. Add mushroom to your daily diet, and you’ll notice the pounds melt away.

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Salmon is a delicious protein that is extremely low in carbs, giving salmon a top position in the list of low-carb foods. Typically found in Scandinavian cuisine, salmon packs both flavor, and nutrition. It is one of the healthiest fish due to its fat content, with high amounts of healthy fats including omega-3 fatty acids. Moreover, salmon is rich in protein, helping you to grow and develop muscle mass. Furthermore, salmon has a variety of ways to be cooked: baked, fried, steamed; they’re all excellent. Add some lemon slices to complement the deep, rich flavor of this fish.

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When it comes to fish, there are many regarding variety and appearance. However, few are as healthy and recognized as trout. This delicious fish is one of the best choices for consumers who are looking for low-carb proteins, but that also retain their characteristic fishy flavor. Just like salmon, trout is rich in fats of the healthy kind that are highly positive for the body’s health. Moreover, trout has other healthy nutrients, including protein and different vitamins. Enjoy trout in soups, salads, or as a main dish.

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Celery is one of the best low-carb foods out there, due to its relatively high water content. Up to 95% of celery is made up of water, meaning that there is little space left for other components. That’s why celery often is found in many health food manuals. Celery is one of the most convenient healthy snacks. You can slice it up and enjoy it alongside some peanut butter in moderation, of course. Celery can be in salads and even desserts for a healthy crunch. You can also grow celery in your backyard, provided you have sufficient space.

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Apricots are known for two things: stones and that sweet, tangy flavor. However, apricots are also low in carbs, with around 4 grams found per fruit. What’s more, they are low in sugar, and at the same time, come packed with different antioxidants and vitamins. This fact ensures that your body maintains a robust and capable immune system. Apricots are an essential part of a healthy diet to incorporate into your meals in many ways. Eat apricots by themselves, or add them into a bowl of fresh yogurt or even a salad.

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