The olive tree requires little introduction. The tree is native to the lands around the Mediterranean Basin. People have enjoyed eating its fruits and cooking with its oil for thousands of years. Everyone is familiar with these uses of the olive. The fact that its leaves have medicinal properties might come as a surprise. This is not a discovery but knowledge of the Ancient World that seems to have been largely forgotten over the course of time. Historians have found records of how the Egyptians in the Pharaohs were firm believers in the medicinal powers of the olive leaf.


1. Reduces the risks of developing diabetes

Bad dietary choices and lack of exercise are two of the main factors contributing to increasing diabetes in the developed world. It is always preferable to take preventative action. This is why some medical researchers are very interested in properties of olive leaves that might lower the risk of becoming diabetic. A research team in New Zealand discovered that an olive leaf extract reduced resistance to an essential hormone for blood sugar regulation, while at the same time increased the production of this hormone.

A sensible food choice for borderline diabetes

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