The curative properties of mugwort have come under fresh scrutiny in recent years. It belongs to the same family as St.John's Wort and Wormwood, but its chemical makeup differs. A look at ancient records reveals its many uses. For close to 1,500 years European medicine followed the opinions of the famous Roman doctor Galen, and he writes about the medicinal value of mugwort. One of the ways Roman soldiers used it was to rub on their feet to refresh them after a long march. Some experts claim that the plant's strange name comes from a combination of the old English word for an herb, wort, and the still familiar term for a drinking vessel — mug.

Improve the digestive system

Galen and other ancient medical theorists saw the relationship between the primary liquids in the body as a key to understanding and treating illnesses. Bile is one of these critical liquids, and it has a significant influence on the digestive process. Substances found in mugwort cause the liver to secrete more bile. This makes it easier for the body to digest fats and it assists to clean out toxins from the system. Eating healthy foods and eating small amounts slowly will magnify the improvement.

Could improve the workings of the digestive system

Treatment for rheumatic pains

While older people are more likely to suffer from rheumatic or arthritic pains, they also affect younger people and detract from their quality of life. Studies are underway into how traditional Chinese medical use of mugwort could relieve these joint pains. Chinese doctors are employing burning mugwort in an acupuncture procedure known as "moxibustion." They believe it improves blood circulation. Medical studies indicate that this technique relieves joint pain and improves knee mobility in a large number of cases although the longer-term benefits are less obvious.

A treatment plan for rheumatic pains

Avoid a breech birth

Modern studies of Chinese medicine continue to shed fresh light on the knowledge that this ancient civilization possessed. The moxibustion acupuncture technique that burns mugwort over a certain point in the body may help reduce joint pain, but its chief ancient use was to reverse the breech position of the baby in the womb. With the contemporary emphasis on the science of medicine, it is hard to imagine that burning mugwort could cause a baby to change its breech position. However, a study in the Journal of the American Medical Association discovered it works in the majority of cases.

A way to avoid a breach birth

Treat menstrual problems

Women who suffer from delayed menstrual cycles find that using mugwort essential oil could save them a visit to the gynecologist. This herbal produce can also relieve the cramps and pains linked to menstruation. Women dealing with the symptoms of early menopause are another group who find this oil beneficial. It is off-putting to some when they are told that they need to inject the oil into the body rather than just smearing it on. Pregnant women should consult with their gynecologist before using mugwort.

Used to treat menstrual problems

Treat male impotence

Barrenness causes incredible distress to women, but it lacks the stigma of male impotence. Men in this situation are often embarrassed to seek conventional medical assistance since they believe their condition somehow detracts from their "manhood." According to traditional beliefs, the mugwort herb can help them. Some also think it is useful dealing with some female reproductive problems, but supporting evidence is anecdotal as opposed to scientific in both of these cases, so it seems unwise to put all your hopes on it.

Said to help treat male impotence problems

Keep the hair and scalp healthy

By improving blood circulation mugwort also positively affects scallop and hair condition. The better the blood circulation, the more nutrients reach this part of the body. This strengthens hair follicles and could prevent or at least delay the onset of male pattern baldness. The presence of a good amount of vitamin E in this herb enhances the appearance of the hair with a glossy look, and it helps to keep the scalp well moisturized with much less dandruff.

Supposed to help keep the hair and scalp healthy

Gets rid skin blemishes

Mugwort's benefits to the skin, in general, include the removal of unsightly pimples and other blemishes. These skin problems stem from the presence of impurities in the bloodstream according to natural health theories. They believe that mugwort has blood-cleansing properties and once it removes the impurities, the acne should vanish. Even if this idea seems a little far-fetched to accept, the proven fact that mugwort is rich in vitamin E is strong evidence that it should be good for skin health.

Gets rid of pimples and other skin blemishes

Improves mother's milk

The health advantages of breastfeeding encourage more mothers to choose this option instead of feeding their babies formula. Although this is obviously a natural method, some mothers find it hard to produce sufficient milk to satisfy their babies. Women in China once applied oil to the mothers of young babies since they believed it would enhance their milk production. The practice lacks scientific support, but its continued use in traditional Chinese medicine suggests it produced results. It is nevertheless advisable that pregnant women avoid using mugwort.

Improves the supply of mother's milk

Treat obesity

The increasing rates of obesity, and especially child obesity, in the USA and Northern Europe, generate serious medical concerns. The higher risk of illness that obesity brings is beyond dispute. There is also no argument that changes to more healthy diets and regular exercise are at the root of every effective treatment program. Nevertheless, there remains a lively interest in alternative natural therapies. Where excessive weight is attributable to irregular hormone secretions, essential mugwort oil might help by regularizing these bodily changes.

Might help to treat obesity

Improve mental wellbeing

The capabilities of mugwort to regulate hormone secretions could bring some emotional benefits. Natural treatment experts claim that it can reduce the stress of people with certain nervous conditions and enhance their energy levels. Whoever is taking anti-depressants or other medications of a comparable nature, must first consult with their prescribing doctor before starting to use mugwort.

How mugwort might improve mental wellbeing


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