Knowledge of plants with curative properties stretches back thousands of years. The widespread use of synthetic medicines over the past century pushed this knowledge to the sidelines, but interest in natural cures has seen a revival over the last few decades. Red clover is one of those very useful plants where the flowers, stems and leaves all have their medicinal applications. Its growing popularity largely rests on its value to women in the menopause and post-menopause stages of life. Natural health stores sell red clover tablets, or you can get it in tea and liquid form, and even unprocessed.


1. Relieves common menopause distress symptoms

Changes in the body during menopause trigger unpleasant physical and emotional symptoms. For example, these women may experience hot flashes and sweats at night and suffer from breast tenderness. They also tend to suffer from feelings of depression and anxiety during this period. These low moods can develop independently of the physical symptoms, but changes in the body certainly affect their mood negatively. Red clover extracts contain high amounts of the daidzein and genistein isoflavones. These compounds help to alleviate menopause symptoms including reducing sweats and lowering depression and anxiety.

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