If you haven't tried witch hazel yet, your skin will surely be ecstatic when you do. What's all this fuss about, you ask? Well, the "fuss" has been there for a long, long time. This plant is native to many parts of North America and Asia. Because of that wide-spread appearance, people have been using it for centuries. Its main roles and benefits relate to skin care and astringent properties related to it. This plant is an integral part of many beauty and health products around the world. Of the plant, the bark, twigs, and leaves are all sources of the immense benefits it possesses. The process in which it's made is really simple. Tannins, polyphenols and other useful compounds are added to alcohol or water. The end product is the hazel extracts. Around the globe, witch hazel is the champion knight when it comes to waging war against acne.

Not only that, but it also works tirelessly to slow down the aging process. Witch hazel also safeguards the body against cell damage and DNA mutation. Now what you know some of the magical properties of this plant, we may let you in on the whole thing. With its seemingly endless list of benefits, witch hazel deserves a chance. If you didn't consider giving it a chance before, you may now. That's why we've compiled these ten startling benefits of witch hazel. If this isn't enough to sway you to its side, we don't know what is.


1. Prevents acne from appearing

No matter how old we are, acne is always a nuisance. Always in search of an ideal remedy, we tend to omit the natural ones. Witch hazel is an excellent example. This natural astringent battles inflammation. Not only that, but it also counters excessive oil production. If a zit or a pimple is already forming, you can apply witch hazel to kill the bacteria. Many of us have the nasty habit of picking up zits. We do so with dirty fingers, making things a lot worse than they initially were. Instead of doing this, try witch hazel. It will halt the zit development right in its tracks.


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