If you ask an average person to name a favorite berry, they are more likely to mention strawberry, gooseberry or raspberry than the goji berry. However, anyone who takes an interest in natural food cures is certain to have heard about this special plant. Goji berries grow on bushes in East Asia and America. The bushes thrive in shady conditions. Although the berries look quite fragile, these looks can be deceptive. This is a hardy plant able to withstand great variations in temperatures. The bushes produce white or purple flowers in the spring and from these berries of various colors develop, Goji berries appear in a range of colors from bright orange to a deep red color.

A powerful antioxidant

The battle between the free radicals and antioxidants in the human body is a major theme in the theory of natural health. The free radicals are natural compounds that the body produces but sometimes they are over-produced. In this situation, the free radicals start to damage cells and poison (make toxic) the body. Antioxidants serve to curb the harmful activities of the free radicals. As their name indicates, they help to detoxify. Research shows that goji berries are an excellent source of antioxidants. It follows from this that if you include them in your diet, you strengthen the forces that counteract the harm that excessive free radical activity causes.

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Improving eyesight

Many people become concerned, especially as they get older, about the deterioration in their vision. Wearing spectacles or having contact lens installed maybe all they need to do but what how about a natural food that could improve their eyesight. Goji berries are a very good source of vitamin A. Since this vitamin has links to night vision, it is logical to assume that eaters of goji berries will be more resistant to eyesight deterioration. There is also some evidence that substances contained in these berries help protect eye membranes and reduce the chance of serious eye diseases.

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Help to preserve youthful looks

Eyesight is only one of several areas where natural healing experts argue that goji berries bring benefits. For generations, people have dreamt about substances that increase resistance to the aging process. The older you become, the lower a number of growth hormones the body naturally produces. If you can artificially increase growth hormone creation, then the effects of aging are counteracted. Since goji berries stimulate growth hormone production, they ought to help retain a more youthful appearance that much longer.

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Keeps you well hydrated

Cases of people who suffer serious health problems or even die due to dehydration are unfortunately still in the news. People in tropical countries need to be particularly careful to get a sufficient water intake for healthy bodily functioning, but whatever climate you live in it remains important to stay hydrated. Remembering to drink enough water is the most obvious solution while goji berries provide a welcome water supplement. These berries are very tasty, and they are rich is the hydrogen you need to stay well hydrated.

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Reducing harmful cholesterol levels

Problems with high cholesterol levels affect large numbers of people in Western Europe and the USA. To avoid diabetes and heart disease requires constant efforts to reduce and contain these levels. The pharmaceutical industry has developed a range of medications that assist in lowering cholesterol yet goji berries can be part of a natural alternative treatment approach. They contain compounds that could stop cholesterol oxidizing and coming to block up arteries. Nobody should ignore their doctor's advice to take anti-cholesterol pills, but they can eat berries as an extra curative or preventative measure.

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Getting a healthy night's sleep

Modern societies frequently fail to appreciate the value of a good night's sleep. Before electric light became widespread, people worked and slept according to the natural clock of daybreak and nightfall. Today's social media and other distractions encourage us to cut down on essential sleep time. Problems getting to sleep seem to have become more common. Since goji berries contain good quantities of healthy sleep inducing Thiamine and Magnesium they might offer a much healthier alternative to sleeping tablets. They are also far safer with no risks of overdosing.

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Protect the health of the liver and other essential organs

The liver is one of the vital organs upon which are general health depends. Goji berries contain a substance called phytonutrients. They help remove toxins from the liver and protect it from damage due to hepatitis and other kinds of viruses. As well as benefiting the liver, compounds in these berries can help to keep skin healthy and improve the operations of the digestive system.

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The battle against Alzheimer's

Researchers continue to work on finding effective cures for Alzheimer's and similar dementia-related diseases. While some available drugs may alleviate certain symptoms, this is far from a solution to the stress these older adults and their families endure. Nobody claims that goji berries offer a miracle cure for dementia, but there is some evidence that they can help slow down this process. These berries encourage the body to create choline, and this substance improves resistance to the damage to arteries caused by free radicals. If arteries remain clear, there is a good flow of oxygen to the brain cells, and the risks of neurological deterioration lessen.

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Immune system health

In a healthy person, the immune system works away silently to protect them against diseases. Usually, the existence of this system only comes to mind when problems occur. The high levels of Vitamin C and Zinc found in goji berries assists the human immune system to operate most effectively. Other compounds contained in these berries strengthen the body's abilities to resist viruses and cell mutations that lead to serious illnesses.

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Emotional health gains

The connections between physical and emotional well-being have become widely recognized. It should therefore not come as any surprise that through improving and maintaining physical health, goji berries promote mental health. Their advocates claim that they help to reduce stress, increase stamina and promote a more positive mood.

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