So many people in the western world live in urban environments where they have little contact with farm animals. Apart from visits to the countryside, they are only likely to see a goat in a children's petting zoo. Perhaps they do not even appreciate that the goat has been a valuable source of milk throughout recorded history. Today most urban dwellers only use cow's milk. Although goat's milk is now more readily available in health shops and other outlets, only natural living enthusiasts are likely to buy it. However, goat's milk will become more popular as knowledge of its advantages over cow's milk spreads.


1. Easier to digest than cow's milk

Sufferers from lactose intolerance, and others who experience difficulties digesting cow's milk find that goat's milk is easier on their stomachs. Scientists know that its similarity in composition to mother's milk is a key to explaining why the human body responds better to goat's milk. The fact that goat's milk contains double the amount of positive fatty acids that cow's milk contains aids digestion. If cow milk products disagree with you, doctors recommend switching to goat milk products. Once you make this move, you should soon notice a radical improvement in these areas.

goat's milk

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