First of all, what is ghee anyway? It's a special kind of butter that has been the staple of traditional Indian cuisine for centuries. By boiling regular butter, you remove the butterfat from the mass, making it healthier. This comes with a bit of lactose left over from the milk. Although it is somewhat unknown in the Western world, ghee is entering the spotlight in style. More and more nutritionists and dieticians emphasize ghee's advantages over regular butter. With added vitamins like A, D, E and K, ghee has many secrets that will surprise you upon finding them out. Another thing in ghee's arsenal is special fatty acids. It helps in improving the functioning of the brain. Now that you know about its mystical cooking ingredients, it's high time that we go in depth about all the health benefits of it.


1. A high smoke point

This is something that gets ignored when thinking about different foods. When oil-rich foods boil, they tend to break down into free radicals, which can be harmful to you. Ghee has this part covered. Also, you can expose it to temperatures of up to 250 degrees without causing the breakdown to happen. A property like this makes ghee the ideal cooking ingredient. Due to this, it's versatile, and you can mix it with about everything.

smoke point ghee

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