Cabbage has been eaten for centuries, not only because it was, and is, considered a rather cheap vegetable to produce and buy, but because it is so good for your health. It has been used in medicinal practices in many cultures and it the oldest known vegetables. Cabbage is very highly nutritious and should be considered a superfood because of its health qualities. It helps ailments from headaches and skin disorders to heart, or brain diseases, even scurvy. Read more to find out exactly how cabbage is the greatest vegetable you never knew about.


1. Bone health

Strong bones make for a strong body. Your skeleton is what holds you together, so it is important to feed it the right foods to keep it strong and free of breaks or disease. As far as food goes, cruciferous vegetables like Cabbage contain substantial amounts of the important minerals potassium, magnesium and calcium. All three of these are very important to maintain bone health and strength. They protect your bones from degradation and are part of the prevention of osteoporosis and other bone weakening diseases.

bone health Cabbage

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