Bone broth has become one of the trendiest superfoods due to its delicious, savory taste and rich content of health-boosting vitamins and minerals. It’s no surprise that people are rushing to cook it at home – and it’s super easy to make. What’s best, it can be conveniently be made from the leftovers of a baked or roasted chicken. Frequent consumption can help boost immune system defenses, as well as bone and hair health.


1. Improves Digestion

Many people face a daunting problem when it comes to eating: poor digestion of food. Many different factors can cause this, and the consequences are far-ranging. This condition also goes by the name leaky gut, and it refers to the damaged mucosal lining of the digestive tract. If this part of the stomach becomes damaged or compromised, it may affect the stomach’s ability to correctly absorb nutrients and minerals, resulting in fatigue, a weak immune system, and constipation. The gelatinous elements of bone broth can naturally help to repair the lining of the stomach.

bone broth

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