Adding blue-green algae to your diet can have some amazing health benefits, from reducing the risk of diabetes to giving you more energy each day. There are many types of blue-green algae, including the most popular kinds, spirulina, and chlorella, and it is sometimes referred to as cyanobacteria. Many people do not even realize that algae are a food meant for human consumption, but both fresh and saltwater varieties make a great addition to a healthy lifestyle. To understand how this ancient food source can improve your diet, it is important to understand the many health benefits of this algae.

Contains Important Nutrients

Eating blue-green algae can help to add important nutrients to your diet. For example, just two tablespoons of spirulina powder contain over 40 percent of your recommended daily allowance of copper and more than 20 percent of your recommended iron intake. That same amount of spirulina contains 30 percent of your B2 intake, 22 percent of B1 intake, and almost 10 percent of B3 intake. Also, blue-green algae are a good source of protein, potassium, and magnesium, making it a superfood on its own.

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Increases Endurance

Exercise is great for physical health. For many people, a lack of endurance limits just how much exercise they can do. Luckily, consuming blue-green algae can help to improve your endurance levels. Although more research is needed to determine exactly how the algae help, studies on spirulina have shown that athletes who consumed it before workouts were able to stay active longer before feeling tired. Other research has suggested that spirulina may even increase muscle strength, allowing athletes to recover from workouts more quickly. Your physician or strength trainer can advise you about whether blue-green algae can improve your exercise routine.

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Reduces Precancerous Mouth Sores

Early research has shown that blue-green algae may prevent the growth of precancerous sores in the mouth, which is why it has become a favorite home remedy for those at risk for oral cancer. Studies have demonstrated that patients who take algae supplements daily often see a reduction in the size of their lesions, and in many cases, they disappear completely. The lesions often form again after patients stop consuming the algae, which shows a pretty direct correlation between the two. Those at risk for oral cancers should talk to their doctor about whether consuming more blue-green algae may be beneficial.


Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Blue-green algae contain many anti-inflammatory properties, including phycocyanin. This anti-inflammatory is one of the main components of spirulina and other types of algae. It helps to reduce inflammation throughout the body by blocking the production of the cells that cause it. Because chronic inflammation is linked to serious health problems, reducing the inflammation within your body can reduce the chances that one of these conditions will occur. This benefit is also helpful with diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and lupus.

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Decreases Blood Sugar

For people with type 2 diabetes, blue-green algae can be a valuable resource. According to some research, a teaspoon of spirulina taken daily was enough to reduce both short-term and long-term glucose levels. Those with type 2 diabetes who are not on insulin may find that adding blue-green algae to their diet is a great way to control blood sugar without completely restructuring their diet, although your physician should be consulted first. Diabetes is a life-threatening condition if not managed properly. It is important to follow the instructions of your doctor when it comes to diet.

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Relieves Allergies

It can be difficult, if not impossible, to find a cure for seasonal and environmental allergies. Blue-green algae are one of the best treatments for your symptoms because they help to reduce inflammation in the nasal passages. Consuming a teaspoon of algae each day can reduce congestion, sneezing, and itching. If you haven’t been able to find a combination that works for your allergies, try adding blue-green algae to your diet to reap these valuable benefits.

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Lowers Cholesterol

Blue-green algae can reduce cholesterol levels, helping prevent the deadliest of all conditions: heart disease. Consuming blue-green algae daily reduces LDL cholesterol levels along with triglyceride levels, while simultaneously raising HDL cholesterol levels. This means that people who suffer from high cholesterol can use spirulina and other varieties to control their cholesterol levels. Talk to your doctor about using algae to supplement or replace traditional medication. However, you should not make any changes to prescribed treatment without the approval of a trusted physician.

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Helps Control HIV

Spirulina and other blue-green algae show signs of reducing the symptoms and growth of HIV and even AIDS. Past studies have noted that HIV patients who consume blue-green algae are substantially less likely to have the disease progress. They may even be able to improve their condition by regularly taking blue-green algae supplements. This may be because the supplement has a positive impact on the immune system. If you have HIV, talk to your doctor about whether algae supplements could benefit you.


Blue-Green Algae Reduces Yeast Infections

Consuming blue-green algae can lead to a reduction in candida. Candida is the bacteria that causes yeast infections, both internally and externally. Usually, people with candidiasis experience itching or discharge that signals the growth of candida. Blue-green algae promotes the growth of “good” bacteria instead. Antibiotics and antifungal drugs treat yeast infections. Preventing them naturally helps to reduce the amount of these drugs doctors prescribe annually. Antimicrobial properties help to keep the levels of bacteria in the gut balanced.

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Aids with Weight Loss

Blue-green algae is also a popular nutritional supplement for those who want to lose weight quickly. This is because it is high in protein. Blue-green algae helps you to feel less hungry and burn more calories. Consuming it in the morning can boost your metabolism for the day, making you a fat-burning machine. Because algae also promotes healthy digestion with their anti-microbial properties, it is also easier to digest food and absorb important nutrients. Additionally, along with a healthy diet and proper amounts of exercise, blue-green algae can add a boost to your weight loss plans.

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