10. Avoid consuming harmful hormones and antibiotics

 You are likely consuming hormones and antibiotics that were injected into the cattle and poultry during their lives. Unless you only buy grass-fed beef and free-range chickens. Hormones make animals grow faster and bigger so that they can provide more meat and produce more milk.

You can bet that these things have an impact on your health too. Animals are given the same antibiotics that humans are given. This is dangerous because your body may build up resistance to antibiotics through the meat you consume.

Children today are hitting puberty earlier than ever before as a result of the hormones they consume through dairy products and meat.

Vegans avoid this problem completely and do not consume any unnecessary antibiotics or hormones which can cause health issues down the line.

antibiotics Vegan

There are many great things about living a vegan lifestyle. If you do choose to go vegan, talk to your doctor about supplementing to avoid deficiencies in nutrients such as iron, calcium, vitamin B12, and others. 

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