Wheat has been a staple of our diet from the earliest days of recorded history. Although the most popular use of wheat remains in the production of bread and other baked goods, more people have come to recognize the high nutritional value found in wheat germ. This foodstuff extracted from the midst of the wheat seed provides many minerals and vitamins vital for our health. You find wheat germ available as an addition to breakfast cereals, or it is possible to buy it in liquid or gel forms. Some also use it to make a healthier topping to desserts or yogurts.


1. Improve your nutrient intake

Far too many North Americans and Western Europeans fail to get a sufficient supply of nutrients in their regular diet. The popularity of high calorie, junk foods is a significant factor accounting for nutrient deficiencies. Adding wheat germ to meal plans is a good way to rectify this imbalance. This food is particularly valuable to those who lack vitamin B for it contains good concentrations of zinc, phosphorous, potassium and iron. Key benefits include boosting energy levels and helping to keep blood pressure at a safe level.

Improve your nutrient intake

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