Mustard oil is a vegetable oil made from pressing mustard seeds. The result is an oil that's great for external use or as a dietary supplement, allowing you to experience its benefits in various ways. The flavor of mustard oil is very strong—much like the flavor of mustard itself. It's high in good fats which makes it good for your cholesterol, and its high smoking point makes it a good oil for deep frying. Keep reading to learn more about the health benefits of consuming mustard oil, and how you can incorporate some into your diet.


1. Skin Health

Mustard oil is very high in vitamin E which makes it a great skincare oil. It has a nice oily texture that makes it perfect for massages and easy to use a simple lotion, much like coconut oil. Putting mustard oil on your skin may also help improve your circulation and immune health. You can buy 100% mustard seed oil or opt for skincare products with mustard seed oil in theme.

Skin Health

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