You might think that kids today only play video games, but board games can be great fun for children of all ages and can help cut down on screen time. Many classic board games, as well as new ones, are sure to appeal to today’s kids. To give children an alternative to their video game screens and tablets, consider gifting them an age-appropriate board game like these.


1. Monopoly

Introduced to the world in 1935, Monopoly is a classic board game that both kids and adults enjoy. The board consists of 40 spaces and 28 properties that players scramble to buy with their Monopoly money. Gameplay is based on the roll of the dice and where players land on the board. If you land on another player’s property, you’ll have to pay rent. As the game continues, paying those hefty rents can leave you bankrupt or, if you play your figurative cards right, holding all the property deeds—and the cash. Today, various versions of the game are available, including Pokemon, Star Wars, and Junior.

board games for kids monopoly

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