When kids get together for birthday parties and family reunions, they'll need some enjoyable activities to ensure no one gets bored. Old-fashioned ball games are terrific boredom busters that don't require much equipment. They can get a lot of kids moving, laughing, and interacting with one another. If you're looking for fun video-game alternatives for kids, keep these traditional ball games in mind whenever you need to entertain a group. They've been delighting kids for decades and are sure to delight yours too!


1. Four Square

To play Four Square, all you need is a playground ball and some sidewalk chalk. Set up this game by drawing a large square on your pavement or asphalt. Then divide it into four squares by drawing a cross inside the large square and then numbering the squares 1-4. The game is typically played with four kids at a time, so if you have more, they’ll have to take turns. While the rules of the game can vary, the goal for each player is to catch the ball after it bounces in their square once. If they don’t catch it, they move to the next square until they’re eliminated. The last player standing in their square wins.

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