A Duodenal Ulcer refers to under the broad category of stomach ulcers. Although the ulcer develops in the intestine just outside the stomach, it is close enough in nature and symptoms to stomach ulcers to share the name. Sometimes clinics also refer to this type of ulcer as a peptic ulcer. It is one of the more common medical problems since some researchers claim you have a ten percent chance of developing a stomach ulcer. People over the age of sixty are most at risk of getting such an ulcer and men are at the most risk.



1. Strong pains in the stomach

Sharp pains in the upper part of the stomach are one of the most common signs of an ulcer in this area, but a significant number of patients may have an ulcer without these pains. Patients often describe the pain in terms of a powerful burning sensation, or they might tell the doctor they feel as if something is gnawing away at the center of their stomach. Generally, the pain comes and goes but it could be so strong that it wakes the patient up in the night.

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