Tendinosis is a condition which occurs when the tendons start to break down or degenerate. This happens because the tendons might have minuscule tears or disorganized collagen fibers rather than straight collagen fibers. The condition typically occurs in the tendons of the Achilles heel, knee, hip, elbow, and shoulder. Tendinosis is also linked to some underlying conditions such as swimmer's shoulder and tennis elbow. Usually, you can ease the symptoms of tendinosis using ice and anti-inflammatory medication.


1. What are tendons?

Since the condition affects the tendons, you should first know what they are. Tendons are bands of tissue which are cord-like and which connect the muscles and the bones. The tissues of the tendons are of a fibrous and tough substance known as collagen. This substance is so strong that it can withstand tension and force. But too much force or constant force which happens over time can cause tears in the tissues which leads to tendinosis and other similar injuries.

Are there Risk Factors for Tendinopathy?

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