The spine has natural curves that serve a variety of functions. Lordosis describes when the spine curves too far inwards. The condition can be so mild it is barely noticeable, or so severe it causes pain and interferes with daily life. Pregnant women often appear to have lordosis, but the spine curvature almost always disappears after birth because it was a simple realignment caused by an altered center of gravity.


1. Functions of the Spine

Slight curves in the spine are normal. The lordotic curve is in the neck and lower back while the kyphotic curve is in the upper back. These two curves together create the 'S' shape that defines the spine and serve many purposes, including helping the spine absorb shock, supporting the head and keeping it aligned over the pelvis, and maintaining spinal structure and bend flexibly. A healthy spine is essential for everything from moving and walking freely to maintaining balance when sitting or standing.

spine Lordosis

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