Rosacea is one of the most wide-spread skin conditions today. The main symptoms are redness, enlarged pimples, a larger nose and swelling of the skin. A larger nose and swelling of the skin occurs in extreme cases only. It plagues many people who struggle to find the right treatments on a daily basis. The main suspects are stress, spicy food, steroids, menopause and prolonged exposure to heat. Although it looks bad, trust us – it's much worse than it is in reality. In today's market, there are tons of natural remedies and medications for this disease. Some cases are worse than others, and some treatments are stronger than others. You can even combine a few of these ideas to be sure that the condition will go away.


1. Coconut oil

By having too much spicy food in your diet, you may cause the inflammation part of your rosacea. Those inflammatory symptoms affect the face and cause major redness all over it. You can counter this symptom by adding healthy fats to your body. And what better way to add healthy fats to your diet than some good old coconut oil. Scrub it onto the rosacea redness, but adding it to your diet will also improve thing by a large margin. Inflammation in your gut will also be reduced, and you can beat the annoying redness that haunts you.

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