Rosacea is one of the most wide-spread skin conditions today. The main symptoms are redness, enlarged pimples, a larger nose and swelling of the skin. A larger nose and swelling of the skin occurs in extreme cases only. It plagues many people who struggle to find the right treatments on a daily basis. The main suspects are stress, spicy food, steroids, menopause and prolonged exposure to heat. Although it looks bad, trust us – it's much worse than it is in reality. In today's market, there are tons of natural remedies and medications for this disease. Some cases are worse than others, and some treatments are stronger than others. You can even combine a few of these ideas to be sure that the condition will go away.

Coconut oil

By having too much spicy food in your diet, you may cause the inflammation part of your rosacea. Those inflammatory symptoms affect the face and cause major redness all over it. You can counter this symptom by adding healthy fats to your body. And what better way to add healthy fats to your diet than some good old coconut oil. Scrub it onto the rosacea redness, but adding it to your diet will also improve thing by a large margin. Inflammation in your gut will also be reduced, and you can beat the annoying redness that haunts you.

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Other alternative natural remedies can improve your rosacea situation. These do not involve interference of any artificial substances. Just like coconut oil, salmon contains healthy fatty acids that can ease the redness. It also causes the inflammation and the pimples to go away completely. By adding salmon to your diet, you will have an excellent source of protein. But not the kind that further irritates your rosacea-struck face. Studies have shown that rosacea goes away after a period of time of eating salmon. A healthy and tasty remedy, salmon is an ideal choice to kick starts your diet change. It will completely change the way to behave towards your health.

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Is there a single thing in the world that honey is not good for? Well, we guess not. Rosacea is another thing that "fears" honey and with good reason too. When you apply honey to the red skin, you can see the redness going away after ten minutes or so. This is because honey contains antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. These can tackle any known disease or condition with the utmost success. Not only does it remove redness, but it also hydrates the skin to prevent rosacea. Acne, breakouts and other skin conditions will also go away because of honey.

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Cucumber masks

Did you, by any chance, know that cucumbers are 97% water? Now that you do know, it's important to mention that moisturized skin is the worst enemy of rosacea. If you apply this wonderful fruit to the inflammation spots, you can see results in a few hours, if not even less. Cucumbers ease the skin and open up pores. It allows the enlarged and infected blood vessels to settle and return to their normal state. You get to see the long-term effects after a few days of applying cucumber to your skin.

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Lavender oil

Most of the times patients find lavender oil irritating in the beginning. But it will overshadow the effect and leave enormous benefits. Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties work together to prevent the blood vessels from expanding. Pimples are also going to be a thing of the past if you apply this magical oil. It's best used in combination with honey, as both remedies work but not quite the same. Battling skin conditions and dehydrated skin has never been more fun, and you shouldn't miss it at all.

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Aloe Vera

Aside from treating rosacea, Aloe Vera generally works efficiently. It removes the negative effects of sun and spicy food. Adding Aloe Vera to your diet will change up a lot of things. It makes you healthy and more resistant to inflammations. When encountering rosacea, the Aloe Vera gel reduces redness and discomfort. It affects the blood vessels positively and soothingly. It is a natural remedy and provides the solution to skin problems. This cactus has many beneficial secrets, and you should discover them all if you have a chance.

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Green tea

We all are familiar with the myriad of healthy features and beneficial properties of green tea. It extracts include anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and cytoprotective abilities. All these can eradicate rosacea in a day or two. Not only that, but green tea also clears out pores and makes your skin breath like it never did before. It improves metabolism along with other lasting benefits. It also works magic when it comes to melting fat, so there is no reason to add it to your diet arsenal.

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Recent studies have been buzzing about the anti-inflammatory effects of licorice. Yes, you heard it right – licorice. This wonderful remedy has one ability that others on this list don't. It speeds up regeneration when dealing with severe cases of rosacea. Most treatments help with making it go away, but licorice adds healing to the damaged skin. When taking licorice, you ingest a powerful stimulant for the healing of the skin. It prevents the vessels from growing too large. Also, it allows the skin to be healthier by letting it breathe. Who would have known?

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Turmeric is an ideal spice that combats the inflammatory properties of rosacea. Be advised to use only extracts of turmeric because of the herb's strength. There are many gels and solutions available all around the world for a low price, so there is much to choose from. To maximize its benefits, you should add turmeric to your diet on a regular basis. Doing so, its magical antioxidant properties will come to action. You can also combine it with honey and green tea to increase the effects.

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You might have known that you can treat the itchiness of chicken pox using oatmeal remedies, but rosacea? The application of oatmeal works flawlessly to treat rosacea. You can use it as a mask and even apply it as a part of your homemade spa session. It not only treats rosacea, but it also moisturizes the skin and exfoliates it very effectively. All the symptoms of redness, swelling, and pain are a thing of the past. More and more spas are introducing it on the regular.

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