Adenomyosis is a bodily condition that is characterized by the movement or encroachment of the endometrial tissue into the muscles of the uterus. It means that the two tissues become permanently stuck. Such a condition results in the walls of the uterus growing thicker, leading to substantial pain and bleeding during the cycle or intercourse. Nobody knows the exact cause, but adenomyosis directly links to high levels of estrogen. Thankfully, most women see adenomyosis disappear after menopause. However, most people don’t have sufficient knowledge about this condition.


1. Prolonged menstrual cramps

When it comes to menstrual cramping and discomfort, they are regular occurrences during one’s menstrual cycle. For most women, it last two to three days. However, these might manifest themselves much longer than usual. In some cases, it’s 5+ days and in more extreme ones – even up to two weeks. If you notice something of this sort, don’t take any chances and consult your doctor. A proper treatment would be an anti-inflammatory medication. To solve cramps and pain, you will need assistance.


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