Pneumonia is a common and potentially dangerous disease of the respiratory system that causes the lungs to become inflamed and filled with fluid. Bacterial and viral infections are the most common causes of pneumonia. Symptoms include colds, coughing, diarrhea, fevers, and breathing difficulties. In previous eras, pneumonia was often a killing disease but the use of antibiotics in the twentieth century dramatically reduced risks for this condition. Today we know that antibiotics can also have undesirable side effects and therefore there is more interest in natural home remedies for pneumonia. However, it is still highly recommended to get a professional medical diagnosis since untreated pneumonia can be dangerous.


1. Garlic

Practitioners of medicine in the Roman period considered garlic to be one of the most effective curative and preventative treatments available. With the development of human-made drugs came a tendency to dismiss these ancient beliefs as "old wives' tales" but over the last few decades, attitudes toward folk remedies have changed considerably. Modern scientific research supports the inclusion of garlic in a healthy diet. Researchers have rediscovered what ancient civilizations seemed to know intuitively: garlic contains substances that kill bacteria and viruses and reinforce our natural immune systems. Fortunately, garlic is easy and inexpensive to come by. It's also easy to grow in most backyard gardens. In addition, it's a flavorful ingredient for a myriad of recipes.

garlic Home Remedies for Pneumonia

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