Hot flashes are one of the most annoying things any woman has to deal with when she enters menopause. They are stressful and can disrupt even the basic every day takes a person has to do. When you experience a hot flash, your body temperature rises. That rise is followed by redness, dizziness, sweating and a flushed face. You're probably wondering: why do hot flashes happen? Well, the thing is, we still don't know. The thing medical experts suspect the most is circulation. Hormone fluctuations and changes can affect your blood flow and heart. Blood vessels can dilate and cause massive amounts of sweat to pour out. These come with a rapid heart rate and excessive chills. Some women don't experience them at all, and some experience them their entire lives. Since medicine has advanced, we know what causes hot flashes to worsen. By knowing these causes, you will know how to prevent them. Who says menopause has to be unpleasant? Take the necessary steps and get informed.

Hormonal imbalance

During menopause, sexual hormones fluctuate and become less abundant. This leads to many changes within your whole body. Estrogen, which was at high levels ever since puberty, drops every day. Testosterone and cortisone drop, which results in frequent body temperature changes. There are ways to reverse this effect. The key is to eat foods rich in phytoestrogens. Flax, avocados, almonds, and blueberries are a great aid if you suffer hot flashes often. Introduce them as snacks and enrich your life and diet. Other aspects of your health will improve, too.

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Women who stress out more often are prone to more frequent hot flashes. It is yet another indicator of how bad stress is and how much we have to avoid it. When you are under stress, your body releases cortisone. That hormone accelerates your heart rate and your blood pressure. Both sequences are bad for you and can cause future health problems. The key to beat this cause is to think whether something is worth stressing out for or not. You can also practice breathing 20 minutes every day.

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Spicy foods

You know the feeling when you get hot all a sudden from eating something spicy, right? Well, that's because of a substance called capsaicin. It triggers the burning sensation in your body, which can, in turn, worsen your hot flashes. Consuming these foods sends heat throughout your body and raises your body temperature. We know it's hard to refuse good Indian food but think of your health. Cuisines such as Indian, Thai, Mexican and others should not regularly be eaten. If you really like their delicacies, ask around for milder options. Your body will be thankful.

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Sugary and fatty foods

Studies show that overweight and obese people have a higher chance of suffering from hot flashes. This is, of course, compared to people in the normal weight range. Not only do excess kilograms worsen hot flashes, but it's also harder to lose that weight as you age. Have in mind that it does take time to get rid of these symptoms altogether. Women felt their symptoms go down by 89%, upon losing 10 pounds. When they lost 20 pounds? Their symptoms went away completely. This is why it's important to maintain a normal and healthy diet.

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Smoking is catastrophic for you. But did you know that it also reduces lung capacity with every breath of smoke? That makes hot flashes much more unpleasant. When suffering from one, you need air. Smoking doesn't allow you to breathe normally and makes this impossible. With every smoke, your next hot flash will be worse. Many studies link smoking to hot flashes directly. Women who smoke are 85% more likely to suffer from more severe hot flashes.

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A giant cup of coffee may be good when you're running on two hours of sleep. But you may want to change that outlook a little bit. Caffeine hastens your heart rate and dilates your blood vessels. These symptoms together make hot flashes much more intense and unbearable. This means dropping coffee, black tea, and soda. If you like sweet drinks, many good natural juices and teas can meet your sweet tooth. And besides, you won't need much coffee if you sleep enough.

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There is an old myth that it's good to drink hard alcohol when cold. But, it's one of the worst things you can ever do. It dilates your blood vessels and has a massive heating effect on the body. Things like that sound even worse when you're in the midst of a hot flash. Frequent drinking affects your body temperature a lot. Drinking also makes estrogen levels fluctuate. This is a leading cause of hot flashes, so you may want to rethink that next beer or tequila.

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Reading the labels of every medication is a must! Many when women get scared of hot flashes, only to realize the medicines are at fault. Before accepting any drug, consult your doctor. You must inquire about the possible side-effects. There are always alternatives and getting one may save you from annoying hot flashes. There are special versions of some medicines, specially made for women in menopause. It's never a shame to ask, so be wary and caring about your health. If some medicines aren't necessary, don't drink them. Find natural remedies instead!

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Lack of physical activity

Inactivity is directly connected to bad circulation. Such an occurrence leads to hot flashes, unpleasant sensations, and other annoying things. You will also be moody if you don't exercise. Jogging or working out 30 minutes daily does wonders for your skin. It keeps you healthy. This is regardless of age, so you really don't have any excuses whatsoever. Exercising improves your circulation and makes your lungs larger. Even if you do experience a hot flash, taking a deep breath will never be easier. You will breathe more, get more oxygen and rejuvenate yourself. The great outdoors await you; there is no reason to hesitate.

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Hot weather

Yikes. This is a cause that you can do little to prevent. Nothing makes you feel hotter than the weather itself. It increases your body temperature and makes you sweat even more. Every hot flash you experience will be ten times worse than it would usually be. The best thing you can do is stay in a cool room. Turn up the AC, cover the windows and enjoy a movie until the suns fall a bit. Doing this will save you a lot of hassle.

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