Jock itch is a popular name for a fungal infection that starts in the area of the groin and can quickly spread to the buttocks and inner thighs. It affects both men and women, and in particular anyone who is on the weighty side or has a tendency to sweat. Although it is a mild complaint, those who have jock itch find it very irritating. The infected skin develops a reddish rash. Scratching tends to make the situation worse, and sometimes pus appears in these areas. Jock itch is easy to treat with prescription medicines and a range of traditional home remedies.

Antifungal Ointment

Standard conventional medical treatment calls for the application of an antifungal cream to areas infected with jock itch. Patients who use this ointment as directed can expect to see an improvement within a few days, and a little later the infection should go completely. Even though these antifungal creams are effective, they cannot prevent the problem from returning later unless the certain hygienic precautions are taken.

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Use of Ground Onion

One of the easiest jock itch home remedies uses the simple onion found in every kitchen. Onions have antifungal properties, so it should not come as a surprise to discover that applications of onion paste to infected skin areas work wonders. You can use a paste made from thinly ground onions, but onion juice is equally suitable. The compound must be left on the skin for about half an hour, and then the areas should be washed clean.

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Swab Infected Skin With Alcohol

Pure alcohol is another cleansing substance that helps to fight skin parasites. Those with jock itch can put 90-percent isopropyl alcohol on a cotton wool swab, and apply it to the infected skin areas four or five times a day. Leaving this liquid to absorb into the skin and making regular applications should have the desired effect.

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White Vinegar

Some people with jock itch discover that white vinegar relieves this problem. Make a blend of white vinegar with warm water, and pour a small amount onto a cloth. Wipe the cloth over the infected skin four or five times a day, and leave it to be absorbed. You should soon notice a marked improvement as the infestation starts to disappear.

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Honey-Based Cures

Honey is a popular ingredient in remedies for colds, flu and similar complaints, but its use as a remedy for jock itch is only known to home remedy enthusiasts. Spread manuka nectar over the damaged skin and leave it in position for about half an hour. Afterward, clean and dry this area very well. Follow this procedure a number of times over several days until the infection disappears. Some find that a mixture of garlic and honey is particularly effective.

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Regular Body Washing

Cures are of limited value without preventative measures to stop jock itch from returning. Taking regular baths and showers is an essential part of any long-term treatment. The hotter the climate, the more important this action becomes. Even those who live the most active lifestyles need to find the time to shower or bathe at least once a day, thoroughly cleaning the groin area. Regular showering or bathing also shows consideration to other people who live or work alongside you.

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Don't Economize on the Laundry

In addition to keeping private areas of the body clean, regular changes of underwear help prevent jock itch and stop it returning. Anyone who is very active in sports or other energy-burning activities ought to shower and change underwear at least daily. Cotton undies are much better than nylon since they wick sweat away from the body. Avoid wearing tight-fitting undergarments that tend to increase sweat in these areas.

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Make Use of the Body's Self-Healing Processes

If you experience a severe case of jock itch, take a break from your sporting activities, gym or other energetic activities for a few days. This pause allows time for the damaged skin to start to heal naturally. If you continue to run, jump and perform other actions that produce sweat, it not only prevents the infection from healing but may cause it to spread.

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Oatmeal Baths

Oatmeal is not only a healthy food. It's also an ingredient in a skin infection removal bath. Don't empty your packet of cereal into the tub, but grind it down until it becomes a coarse powder, and then add it to the bath water. Rub the water around the infected skin areas before going to sleep at night, and see how this helps remove the itchiness and restore the healthy skin.

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Rub Salt on the Wound

The famous folk saying describes adding to one's troubles as "rubbing salt into a wound," but curiously enough salt helps rid the skin of fungal infections. This wonder cure uses salt's antibacterial properties to fight against the skin fungus. Try mixing about half a cup of salt in water you bathe in, or apply the salt with a clean washcloth. It might sting a little, but this is a minor discomfort compared with the irritation these fungal infections cause.

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