Glaucoma is a severe ocular condition caused by high pressure within the eye. The eye is a very complex system, but it is also very fragile. Glaucoma is one of many conditions that can lead to vision loss and blindness. Some forms of glaucoma are degenerative or irreversible conditions, while others can be treated by relieving pressure from the eye. Being diagnosed with glaucoma can be a frightening moment for patients. Therefore, it is important to understand not just how to treat it but also what causes it to develop. Here are some of the risk factors and causes of glaucoma.


1. Fluid Pressure in Eye

The cause of glaucoma from a scientific point is increased fluid pressure within the eye that causes a disruption in normal function. This fluid usually flows out of the eye through a canal, but when the channel it uses becomes disrupted and blocked, it cannot leave. That leads to a backup of fluid within this canal. The buildup of fluid creates pressure inside of the eye and causes vision issues when it presses on the ocular nerve in the back of the eye. Since this nerve sends signals to the brain, this pressure disrupts the flow of those signals and causes vision loss.

eye pressure causes of glaucoma

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